By Anonymous - 31/12/2010 20:46 - United States

Today, I was making a snowman with my little cousin. I was collecting snow just outside the house, when out of nowhere a snowball struck me in the back of the head and caused me to headbutt the wall. I woke up a short while later to a medic telling me I had a nasty concussion. Thanks, cousin. FML
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If they ban snowball fights, I'm coming for you.

There's snow in Texas right now? o.O Cool!


I meant to put more stupid iPod....

Thanks. Now they'll require kids to wear helmets for snowball fights.


your lil cousins got quite the arm there to just hit you with snow and give you a concussion. he should play mlb when he gets older.

A few days ago my friend gave me a concussion playing ultimate frisbee in gym class... the post symptoms make you feel all floaty and stuff. :3

I was thinking the same thing

There's snow in Texas right now? o.O Cool!

it snowed like 6 times last year. and 0 this year): it's like 70 right now!

I blame global warming. XD

that doesn't make sense 38, global warming is where the earth heats up, not gets colder.

38 was responding to 32 where 38 said he blames global warming because 32 stated that there was no snowfall in Texas this year and 7 times snow had fallen in Texas the previous year.

6* not 7 that was a typo.

47 the scientific name is climate change and it affects both ends of the spectrum.

Wow, he must have thrown that really hard.

Yea, really, really hard. I think this FML is fake.

i think your fake

He threw it hard enough to make your head hit the wall and have a concussion? Wow. Your cousin has a strong arm.

LITTLE cousin.

but what if hes 20 and his cousin 14 or 12 or something?

headshot! 250 points!

You fell prey to one of the classic blunders! Never get into a snowball fight with a little shit who puts bricks in the middle of his snowballs. Dumbass.

Damn you Doc, that's just what I was thinking.

If they ban snowball fights, I'm coming for you.