By gordy1220 - United Kingdom
Today, I got back from my daughter's flat in Scotland. I got a flight there yesterday morning to surprise her on her 21st birthday. Nobody told her I was coming. When I got there, it turned out she decided to get a plane to London to surprise me. £200 on flights, and I didn't even get to see her. FML
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  Timbits93  |  1

could of just called and mentioned that you'd wouldn't be home for the week or something so she won't try to come to surprise you
but that sucks, hbd to your daughter though

  sam_hates_ham  |  0

dude can you shut up. ppl come on here to read fmls not to hear you bitch about stupid things. gosh I just joined and I already hate you. congrats :) got another fan....

  NeonWar__  |  0

it's amazing you all think she's stupid. she was going to surprise her. what are the chances she was gonna get flights and her daughter got flights too? if anything snickerdoodles is stupid for thinking the chances of this even happening is high.

  brii1255  |  0

i agree with everythin MadaZero and snickerdoodles say lol . its like they are inside my head . x3

plus i saw another fml like this so YDI for not tellin atleast ONE of her friends . then mabey that friend wulda stopped her from goin to london lmfao

  MadaZer0  |  8

39 :0 You're Epic!
Other than that, Neon I'm sorry to say that your as stupid as you comment. I believe someone stated that 20 or more of this FML can be found on this site. So apparently the chances of that happening to the OP are pretty fucking high dumbshit.

  MQ_was_here  |  0

Exactly what I was thinking. I mean a sad coincidence but very much possible. And sweet at the sweet time. Snickerdoodles just has to come and give her shitty $0.02 and kill it for everyone. Seriously, most people don't get on my nerves but SD, holy shit. idk what to say. =/

  sam_hates_ham  |  0

lol nice whatever your name is, you got 69. suits you perfectly I think. i honetly don't give a shit about how many ppl complain about sd and idc if you haven't commented on any of them. why the hell are you taking it out on me??? ffs it's my second comment on this site! sd is obviously hated by many on this site if she's complained about so much. jut because you agree with her you don't need to come bitching at us. we have the right to hate sd.


Can't say I am fond of Snickerdoodle's negativity and down-talk. Quite frankly, a majority of her comments are close-minded and not-so-well thought out. More and more I find that you seem to have no problem judging others quickly and blindly, which really just sickens me...

  Classifieds  |  0

Well there are many people who do not sit down and read every FML to be able to see all of the similar ones. Also, it is a nice gesture to surprise somebody, not idiodic.

  adriiana1019  |  0

everybody should just stop giving snickerdoodles the attention she wants...if you really hate her then ignore her stupid smart ass comments that way she won't feel so dam special

  xocourtxo  |  0

yah; why would you go over there and then leave again. she wouldove atleast come back and you could ove picked her up from
the airport..... so that's fyl for being stupid.

By  Icarus_II  |  0

Well that would make a nice story to laugh at a year or down down the road. Yet your wallet will still cringe from the wasted money. I'm guessing you both flew back to your houses on the same day too?

  st0815  |  9

It's still a YDI for the OP, though. Most people will make plans on their 21st birthday. A trip with the boyfriend, going to a nightclub, party with friends - there are many ways in which this plan could have failed. Sure it failed in a particularly ironic manner, but the chance of failure was always high.