By Brodam - 17/09/2020 14:01 - United States - Scotch Plains

Today, we began our honeymoon with a Yellowstone Park hike. Wildfires took hold at both ends of the park. We lost all cell service. Her parents and my mom worried, texted and called. My dad just logged into my Fantasy Football team to pick up a running back in this week's waiver wire. FML
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Why would you go hiking near wildfires in the first place?

I don’t see the issue?


If your parents are married, he got to you through her. If not, what a crappy dad.

I don’t see the issue?

Why would you go hiking near wildfires in the first place?

Just because you char to a crisp in the woods doesn't mean your team has to suck! The sorrow of your mourners would be slightly softened to know that your team is still kicking ass. Go Dad!

Op, you're in a new stage in your life. You may be experiencing some anxiety of your new course in life (congratulations, btw!). Your dad is communicating to both you and your mom that he's not worried about you because he knows you can handle it. Have a great honeymoon. You'll be laughing about it years from now