By shelookslikemiley - 23/09/2014 12:48 - Australia

Today, I can't go on watching season 8 of The Big Bang Theory, not because of the steady decline of the show's quality, but because I can't stand Penny's new haircut. FML
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Get a life

just stare at her boobs instead, they're still fine


Get a life

What a waste of an FML

You'll get used to it eventually, I promise

How is this even an FML? Does it really affect your life that much? It's not even funny if that was the intent

just stare at her boobs instead, they're still fine

um...So watch something else.

Yeah how is this an FML? Was the show really that good

It's interesting how it's the little things that have the ability to ruin so much. Perhaps it'll be worth it if you hang on for just a little while longer OP.

Ugh, just shut up. The show is still great and Penny can wear her hair however she wants.

Good, now you have more time to enjoy the outdoors.

Its about the comedy anyway, get over her hair.

Why would you look at her hair when you can look at her other .. assets.