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Today, is my little sister's 16th birthday. I spent my last $20 on a gift for her, cleaned the house for her party, made an ice cream cake, and got her a rose. What did I get? "I hope you kept the receipt for this. Oh, and stay in your room during my party." FML
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Allennis44 16

Take the gift and eat the ice cream cake on your own

ZY1431 24

I would've taken the gift back, got my money back and got myself something.


Allennis44 16

Take the gift and eat the ice cream cake on your own

alex_the_tiger 14

Should've got her a vibrator and told her to go screw herself

I mean the receipt part isn't that bad, gifts are supposed to be about making that person happy. But the stay in your room? That shows that she is an ungrateful brat who didn't deserve your kindness in the first place. I'm sorry OP! You were just being a good brother!

OP should make a huge mess, take the gift and cake and hide them. She should then phone the guests and tell them the party is scheduled for later. Then after OP's sister is done being a bitch, help clean and bring out the stuff. (OP could hide the cake at a friend's).

naarz 9

Wow....she's not thankful nor great ful hopefully she understands how hard you worked to please her on her birthday.....sorry OP

Bigfabthetruth52 22

Exactly,wtf i woulda went in on her.let her say that to me she going somewhere else for that occasion if she feel that way.

DESTROY EVERYTHING. except the cake. eat the cake. all of it.

Even the gift part is bad. It's a GIFT. It came FROM THE HEART. If someone doesn't like it, then "throw it away." When I pick out gifts for people, what they do with them is their business... It's not my fault if they're gunna be choosy as all heck. Stuff's hard to come by nowadays...

kittykat1501 31

And completely trash the house...once everyone shows wonder around with only your pj’s on. Basically be as embarrassing as possible

ZY1431 24

I would've taken the gift back, got my money back and got myself something.

Just that? Pfft. I would've been a total dick towards her. First, I would have ignored her comment to "stay in my room". I would've crashed the party and made a complete fool of myself at it. Who cares about embarrassing yourself? Embarrass your sister even more. I would've also eaten the cake and kept it to myself. Even better, get a couple friends to share it with and then eat it infront of her. The rose would be a nice thing to have, too. Finally, the gift I would keep, too. If it was something I could actually use, then use it while she's watching. Have some fun while making her feel miserable.

alex_the_tiger 14

Get your money back and while the party is going take it in front of everyone.

Crash that party your sister sounds so spoiled always the younger ones lol...

ThatFancyPenn 18

Not always if the parents raise you right.

Yupp #66 I'm the youngest and say I'm well mannered but some of my friends have younger sisters (is it just a girl thing? Maybe the parents are afraid of not having a daughter to please and/or spoil?) and they are the worst behaved most illtempered kids I have ever met.

I think she was trying to act "cool" by not letting you be seen.

#74, while I was very spoiled by my parents, I would never act like OP's sister. It isn't just a girl thing. OP's sister is just a bitch.

My younger brother is the most spoiled brat I've ever met. So it's not just a girl thing. It's a parent thing.

In my experience, it is a parent thing, completely unrelated to gender or age. My older brother is completely capable of being a demanding, immature butthole, because my parents spoil him. And it sucks, because he's seventeen and when he wants something he acts like a ten year old. Maybe its a parenting thing. Siblings suck, OP.

My sister gets everything she wants while I have to wait until christmas or my bday.

I'm not spoiled and I'm the youngest, but then again if I pulled a stunt like this I wouldn't even have a party.

That was rude of her for sure, but you don't do nice things for people because you want special treatment in return. Plus, you can always say 'no.'

nattynatters 14

I don't think she was looking for "special treatment" from her sister. A thank you is not supposed to be out of the ordinary. I would grab my gift and my cake and go somewhere I would be appreciated.

She didn't specify that her sister DIDN'T say thank you, and she wouldn't be upset (or at least I wouldn't) unless I was expecting something and was disappointed. I have a nasty brat of a brother too, that doesn't stop me from buying him birthday presents. He has never bought anyone a christmas, birthday or gift otherwise. But we still buy him gifts because it makes him happy and that makes us happy.

So not being a huge, ungrateful bitch and saying a simple "thank you" to a family member that went to so much trouble to make you happy is considered special treatment? Obviously you could say no, but it's the fact that her sister was such an ungrateful bitch to say that in the first place that makes this an FML.

Am I the only one that can relate? This happened to me and I didn't return the gift. People can be jerks sometimes, it doesn't mean you have to be as well.

Rainhawk94 27

#36, you basically said you spoil your brother and your his bitch

And that's a bad thing? I don't buy him everything his bratty little heart desires, I just buy him gifts if I see something I think he'd like and I have the money for it. I call that being a good sister. Honestly what is the world coming to when you can't buy your brother a new wallet or a funny TShirt without being called a 'little bitch'.

If #36 had kids, they would be the kind that hit her and threw fits when they couldn't get every single thing they want. Also I'm sure we'll catch her on a future "my child is out of control" episode of Maury.

She didn't say little bitch, she said you're his bitch. Honestly, I agree, your brother and OP's sister are selfish and ungrateful for what you two do for them. You obviously care and they couldn't give a rat's ass. By continuing to buy the gifts and do the nice things you're only feeding the selfishness and not setting him (or OP's sister) up for successful relationships in the future. Think of when he gets a girlfriend and expects a gift from her but doesn't get one in return.

SuperMew 22

My parents were very big on making sure we didn't act like spoiled brats. If I threw a fit, was crass, or acted like a little jerk, I got nothing. It could have been at a store, it could have been on a vacation, everyone else could have gotten a souvenir, but if we acted like little trolls we got nothing. Because my parents earned the money and we were going to act like proper people, not spoiled brats. So yes, getting your brother presents when he treats you like shit is encouraging him to act like that. I was a very well behaved kid, and it was because my parents stuck to their guns. I learned that I am not entitled to gifts just because I want them. Op did a lot of nice stuff for her sister, got her a cake, got her a present, cleaned the house, used the last of her money, and did it all without being asked. The sister is a little bitch who treats people who care for her like garbage. There are nicer ways to say things. When I turned 16, my sister, mother, and father were there. They hung out in the background, my sister invited her own friends, and I was able to have a party without having my family cramping my style. I would have had to cancel my party if I talked to someone like that. So yeah, your brother, Op's sister, etc are jerks. And you are only encouraging your brother to be like that.

True enough. But there's a difference between being nice and being a doormat. While I wouldn't waste the effort trying to retaliate, I also wouldn't go to any great effort to be nice again until the sibling had grown up a bit...

verymerry 6

I feel so sorry for you. Someday it'll come back and bite you. You can be a good sibling without spoiling them. It's much more valuable to raise them right than to make them incompetent brats that no one will like. Your gifts aren't going to do him much good when nobody wants to deal with him because he's a brat.

Little unappreciative bitch! Next time don't even bother!

Why next time? He can still trash the party lol.

Well I am on the app and it doesn't show gender.

Yes it does #77.... All the profile pics have an outline color and the OP has a symbol in the top left by their name.

#46 and #142 seem to be the only ones that get it. "Me generation" indeed. He bitches and complains about stupid little things like not having enough food (when there is plenty of food, it just doesn't come in a packet) or the internet being too slow on a daily basis. Do I go and buy him lunch when he complains? No. Do I turn off my computer so his internet will be faster? No. Do I buy him birthday and christmas gifts, yes! Because two wrongs don't make a right. He may be an asshole, but that doesn't give me the right to be an asshole. Just because I'm nice doesn't make me a bitch or a doormat. And for the record #68, I'm the only one in the house that DOES punish my brother. I'm the only one here who knows anything about computers and networking (IT Student) so guess who loses his computer privileges when he throws a particularly nasty tantrum. Yep. Now let me make an unnecessary judgement about you. You're going to be the one who's kids move out at the age of 17 because you're so damn nosy and rude that they can't stand to live with you for a minute longer. You're going to be the parent that they only speak to once a year, and even then it's an uncomfortable affair because they know you're going to spout some judgmental bullshit. Doesn't feel very nice, does it? Ass.

aedan12 15

@149 I can't help but notice your huge contradiction. First you say "He may be an a**hole, but that doesn't give me the right to be an a**hole." Then you turn around and say "Now let me make an unnecessary judgement about you... Doesn't feel very nice, does it? A**." You've basically ruined your whole argument with that contradiction. If you want a chance to make your point, at least be consistent.

My post was tagged to the wrong bloody comment. #159, honestly it's one thing to be an asshole to your brother, whom you care about, and it's an entirely different thing to be an asshole to an anonymous poster on the internet. I said him being an asshole doesn't give me free license to behave like an asshole (otherwise the world would be purely assholes; not that we're far from that state) but that doesn't mean I'm not an asshole myself. Because I am. I get called 'bitch' so often I've started introducing myself as 'Jess the bitch' in social situations.

@160 I think you should work on your self esteem.

Yea but not on the windows phone app. It's not the official one just a 3rd party user

In return. Trash the place secretly.. Take the gift back, and smash the rose. Happy freaking birthday

Ecudaniel 16

It's your house too, make her life miserable and go naked to the party and embarrass her. :)

So ungrateful, soon she will learn that family means much more than any gift she can receive