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By Anonymous - 05/06/2010 10:36 - United States

Today, it was my co-worker's birthday but she told me not to mention it. Feeling bad for her, I went out to buy her a card, a present, and even a small cake. It turns out that there was actually a party during our lunch break, and I was the only one in our office not invited. FML
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fuck her don't invite her to urs

The nice thoughtful ones are always screwed, arent they?


awww... it's ok!

NotYourOrdinary7 6

awww, that was thoughtful of you. =

It's not okay, do something

Do what, #9? Ask them to repeat the party for her?

hopper5101 11

of nobody knows your birthday, say it's next week and invite everybody but her. free presents

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communism blows

rosemary1990 0

have a party at ur house and don't invite her

MrFancy 0

Well, I hope she feels guilty now that you got her all that stuff.

Black Sheep FTL That's the rudest thing I've ever heard of

yes it is. she doesn't deserve any of the kind things you did for her.

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omigod. that was so nice of you...!! that's really mean what they did...! :(

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commis unite! lol

Please can some one tell me the meaning of all the abbreviations? Thanks. Why must everyone replay to the first comment? Also why in every story it MUST start with "Today," and end with "FML". Yes I'm new.

what the hell why did it put my comment here?

this commebt was suppose to go on the communism blows comment prior to this one. i have no fucking clue why it put it here.

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IMO keep the card and present, eat the cake in front of her.

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okay now this is a REAL fml, op revenge is a bitch, just wait for your moment of redemption and lay it all out on her!

Hey I'm sure she didn't throw herself the party so maybe the blame lies somewhere else and not with the friend. Just saying.

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repeat the party... that was funny!

duuude OP i know how it is. ive had a good friend sicne i was 8 and we always invited eachother to eachothers parties everyyear then she stopped inviting me during 8th grade, i dont even think she cared if i knew cause she would upload albums of it on facebook -_- funny thing is we're still friends and carpool haha

you look mecican

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Get her back, go have sex with her.

That's terrible.

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Wow that really is terrible. When your birthday comes around don't invite them.

ninja_ness 3

sack her then smash the cake on her

go to that's where I go to get the meanings of all the abbreviations.

guys, you re all stupid as fucks. the best thing to do in this situation is to just give her that card or whatever you get for her, wish her happy birthday and say something nice, then turn around and just go away. By doing this you have a chance that this girl will actually feel guilty about what she has done and it will be more powerful than the revenge you re all suggesting. Even if she doesn't give a fuck, you can feel good about yourself, because you did the right thing :)

dillies 3

yesssss, throw a party and invite everyone but her Genious

she wasn't invited... don't u understand. she didn't miss anything if she wasn't meant to b there but that is soooo messed upp

Umm you kinda deserve this . There must be a reason why your not invited .. it's cuz you a B*TCH

fuck her don't invite her to urs

ditto. that was very mean

agreed. teach that bitch a lesson :P

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:P smash the cake in her face and curb stomp her genitals

BAHAHA! You win 38! :D

fuck ur cousin that's meann

why did I read the FML as cousin?? lol my bad

cousin is the one above

LOL #31 is right hahaha

you didn't make up a new word? wtf?

that really stinks :( fyl

Sounds like a bitch for not inviting you.

now you can make her feel bad because you got her that stuff.

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well everyone must ate you then. Oh anti flood we all love it Damn Damn IT'S STILL NOT WORKING! I'M GETTING RAPED BY ANTI FLOOD!!!!!!!

saranottelling 7

Why would you feel bad for her? I don't understand that part of the post. Maybe it's too early...

sillybanana97 1

NICE GOAT!! I'd tap that ;D

The nice thoughtful ones are always screwed, arent they?

agree with @ 10. sucks but it is true

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what the heck is up with your picture ?! gross

is #17 picture a naked guy swimming in snow???? or am I tripping balls?

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that's such a lie, it's an office party not a private function