Damp patch

By mommy - 17/11/2010 12:09 - United Kingdom

Today, it was my first day back to work since having my first baby. To show I'd caught up on everything, I had to give a presentation at the end of the day to the heads of my department. It went really well until the end, when one of them pointed out that breast milk had been leaking through my clothes the entire time. FML
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That's not your fault. At least you presented well.

That's pretty embarrassing, even though it's not your fault.


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and during my lunch break at school, too.

I'd say it's just embarrassing. wasn't her fault after all :)

I'm assuming you're a man since you think it's gross. It's natural, Sheesh! Men these days

mintcar 9

Because I think it's a little gross, I have to be male? I agree it's natural but that would be my initial reaction if I saw someone's breast milk oozing out of their breast. There are a lot of natural things that happens with our body all the time, but that doesn't take away from the disgust. The same example could apply to a runny nose. It's natural, yes, but it's still gross to look at.

22 - Lol, WTF? Fail much?

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I'm a guy with no kids and even I knew that's not uncommon but there are things you can do to prevent it. And #22, a lot of natural things are gross. You sound like you've got a problem with men, which just means you've got a problem.

I say it's nothing like runny nose...! It's food for the baby! There's nothing gross about breast milk. It's probably not because you are a man, but because you are superficial. Don't judge men!

mintcar 9

I never mentioned breast milk being gross at all. I know the importance of breast milk all too well from previous classes I've taken. It actively helps newborn avoid diseases as well as provide nutrition. The idea of seeing breast milk leaking out of someone's breast is what's a little gross. Not the milk itself. And no, I am not superficial.

Eh, true. my apologies. and yes 34 I do have a problem with men sadly lol ive dated a lot of jerks >_

Be more picky with who you date. There are a lot of jerks but only one you.

so... the woman (girl) who thinks this is gross is still in school. everything she knows about breastfeeding probably learnt in a public school. I find the irony in the fact that the mention of a nursing mothers leakage is gross but you half exposed barely legal chest in your low cut is PC? but hey, you are a Christian, you said so yourself, but it was more like " I am a christian but I suck **** like a **** star"

mintcar 9

49, are you referring to me? I took Microbiology and Molecular and Cell Biology last year. It's part of my major requirement. And yes, it was taken at a public university. I attend a public school. You have anything against that? The milk isn't gross but rather the unsuspected leakage. And what is this about a low top cut and eating Christians? (I'm actually confused. It seems like you started talking about me then went on someone else. )

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Omg chub! I had never read mfmylwhatevers profile, but that's horrible!! Talk about giving christians a bad name... Whew! 41- I'm just guessing but I don't think the 'jerks' you've dated are at fault here (maybe, but not likely). You have a picture of your chest as your profile pic and, as we've seen from your profile, you have no self respect. If that's how you are off of fml then you should expect those 'jerks' to keep magically finding their way to you.

sorry 53, I was reffering to mfmylifesrsly or whatever. I worded it wrong to sound like it addressed you. read her profile and you will understand. oh, and congrats on your er studies

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41- I dislike people like you. If you go around proudly disobeying Christian beliefs you should not call yourself a Christian. You obviously don't practice it.

RedPillSucks 31

She's a CINO Christian in name only

DGAFprincess 0

so you can't be sexual AND spiritual? I call bullshit. I think the wording in mfmlsrsly's profile is a bit blunt since that's sort of everyones first impression, but that's her perogative. I wouldn't call myself religious, but I do consider myself a spiritual being... I pray, I believe in god and I believe I'm a good person, but I also get pretty damn freaky in the bedroom!

the dudes probably like 'here lemme clean that up for you' -with a creeper face on-

69 - exactly! I like you :)

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I like chicken.

this whole conversation is ****** up lol

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hahahah i jus read this whole convo it was so funny tht i forgot wht the actual fml was about hahahahhahahah ahh QK

I'd say more embarrassing than gross

#1 ur make-up is gross. sry call me a prick I had to say that

mintcar 9

What does my makeup has to do with this conversation? I don't put my makeup on for you, so I could care less for your comment. Although, you should probably keep such abhorrent comments to yourself. As I'm doing the same.

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69 and 72, then call yourself spiritual or agnostic instead of Christian if you don't want to practice the religion.

That's not your fault. At least you presented well.

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she got too excited about how well she did her presentation... musta been orgasmic or something

Yes orgasimic

So your saying babies make girls ****** when getting breast milk? I think theres something wrong here.

RedPillSucks 31

By point it out, do you mean some sleaze bag was sucking on your ****?

.....umm creep. Lol OP congrats on the baby!!

That's pretty embarrassing, even though it's not your fault.

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u know what's embarrassing even if it's not ur fault? having a uni-brow

Do you know what's embarrassing but is your fault? Being an idiotic arsehole.

would have been funny if it wasn't so insensitive. Aaaand if she actually had a unibrow

emmanizzer 6

yeah i'm not seeing the unibrow

Erm... Wouldn't you have felt it leaking? Like something feeling damp? O.o

celticmarine2005 2

You wouldnt feel that anymore than when a woman starts her period without realizing. You would think you would notice immediately, but sometimes it can go quite a while without being noticed.

That's disgusting.

not really cause it's not her fault is it ?

that must have been embarrassing but at least you done well and it's not really your fault

well sorry, english isn't my native language ...

Should have read all you could about what happens to your body AFTER the birth.. Buy some thin disposable breast pads whether breast feeding or not :) If breast feeding, I totally recommend the thick washable kind you can wear at home :)


agreed, my wife used those they helped alot. but also have a spare shirt for when things like that happen.

Even a small lettuce/cabbage leaf over each nip nip would suffice.

#30, the cabbage trick helps if you are engorged but it would not be recommended if she is leaking. OP, sorry, dear, but YDI. Nursing or not, you should have used breast pads. Did you not realise that might happen? I'll grant that maybe you got lost in the moment and really didn't feel the milk or the damp but damn! I was paranoid about this happening for weeks after it stopped. Anyway, it happens and it is slightly embarrassing but nothing to be ashamed of. Congratulations on the baby and the presentation well done.

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10 Iheartglasses, I agree, but you still don't know what your body is GOING to do (not what it COULD do). I leaked all the time when I was away from my kids. I even let down and leaked once when some other person's kids started to cry. I used nursing pads but it needed to be doubled up sometimes. Had to live and learn.

I really don't get how you couldn't feel that.

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Get... The f*ck... Over it... All us mommies have gone through similar situations. And, honestly, breast pads are not that expensive. Hell, even folded washcloths do wonders.

it's still embarrassing though especially since the heads of the departments are probably mostly men.

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r u on ur period or something