By malebonding - 17/08/2009 13:50 - United States

Today, I slept in late and when I woke up, thought I was the only one in the house so I decided to walk around the corner to the only upstairs bathroom naked. My dad also slept in, also thought he was the only one in the house, and also decided to walk to the bathroom naked. We collided. FML
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monkeyspark 6

Incest: a game the whole familly can play.

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monkeyspark 6

Incest: a game the whole familly can play.

sounds like the start of a porno! edit: that wasnt meant to be a reply, but w.e

that_guy321 2

you might not have meant for it to be a reply, but it actually worked well, with what you replied to btw, i find the name rather funny

F_fatchick_lives 0

He just wanted to joust with his dad :)

Lordy, 39, I have people sleeping! You made me almost choke trying to keep my laughter quiet.

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Or rather, did you touch each other's balls?

or rather, did you enjoy it and start getting inappropriate with each other?

that was pretty weird. especially since it's his dad, not cause it was undoubtedly gay.

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Nobody here knows how to spell awkward. Its not awkard or akward. OP: Shouldn't your dad be at work?

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here not hear. you moronic hypocritical land mass.

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that made no sense. you fail, sir. the original poster did intend, and did correctly use that form of here. here    –adverb 1. in this place; in this spot or locality (opposed to there ): Put the pen here. 2. to or toward this place; hither: Come here. hear –verb (used with object) 1. to perceive by the ear: Didn't you hear the doorbell? Q.E.D, suck it.

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He probably said hear then edited.

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It is hilarious how angry people get when someone makes a spelling mistake. It makes me LOL every time xD

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I know seriously! it's a website we don't have to always be grammaticly correct!

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Grammar Nazi ahhhh run for your life! D:

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FAKE. i dont believe this. are you guys both idiots to run to the bathroom naked?

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I walk around naked if it's hot and I'm home alone. Is it that hard to believe?

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ummm if ur curtains are closed and stuff and doors are locked the police cant see

Oh my God are you that phobic? Unless your balls touched or you got you knob caught between his ass cheeks or something this really isn't so bad.

cuterthanuthink 0

rofl that must've been awkward.

well, at least you shared some quality time.

Your profile picture makes your comment that much more epic.

You're both guys. Doesn't matter. If it was your mom or sister, then different story.

I think he didn't like it because he they touched... You know what touched.