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  iSitt  |  0

really? for all the SNAFU going on in the world today you couldn't find one thing ? even if your group takes opposite sides on an issue you could write a pros and cons.

  eurostar710  |  11

You don't by any chance go to Tuscarora High School do you? Because that exact thing happened to me around the date of this FML lol. If you do. This is Shawn. :P

  ulicksam  |  0

Do you know what gay means? If they're straight, they don't do other guys, in front of or behind the camera. That's like saying "i'm not gay but my boyfriend is".

  R0nBurgundy  |  0

Ahahahah kidny that's a good one. You must be gay or a woman to not realize that NoOooO straight man would ever EVER bang another dude for money, they would have to be bi or gay. Any man that does bang another dude and goes "it's for the money" Is lying he's a straight up queer alright. Plus how would they get a hard on if they are straight?
btw I have nothing against homosexuals.

  RobinKCS  |  9

Gay for pay is a legit term. There are many more straight males that homosexual one , therefore gay porn actors get paid more. It's like how girls who do anal get paid more because more girls won't do it than will. Anyways, they get paid more, getting more money wile a wide variety of gay porn is just blowjobs. Regardless, Viagra would be the cause of their boner.

Btw, I'm a chick. :)