By Punk - 07/06/2011 20:07 - United States

Today, my girlfriend and I were getting it on for the first time. Just as I was about to climax, I spotted my greatest fear, a big wasp, only a few inches away from me. I shuddered and made a very unmanly orgasm wail. She now refuses to have sex because she says I "turned her off forever". FML
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sounds like she's immature. probably shouldn't be bangin that kinda drama anyway.

I bet the wasp was evilly laughing in the next room.


she's gotta get back on and try again... it's not like she really fell off the horse this time

Nahh a horse is too many...I was thinking along of the lines of a chihuahua

ya little wiener dog.. or just little wiener.

I fucking hate bees and wasps! You should have aimed your climax at it. Or swat it with your dick.

blue screen....reboot man REBOOT!

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Now I don't have a penis, so correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't it hurt to use your penis as a flyswatter? I'm assuming that the wasp would get angry and sting you. Ya know, on your PENIS.

so you used to have a penis?

in response to two above me, I don't have one either. it would be like getting punched in the boob with a javelin. with a needle ontop. so yes, it would hurt like a HOB KNOCKER!!!!

not if you hit it from behind ;)

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Sorry but, lol(:

i laughed mu ass off at this fml xD

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sounds like she's immature. probably shouldn't be bangin that kinda drama anyway.

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Yeah, I agree it is just an excuse. She is just a whiney Bitch.

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Then make a creepy overaly-manly deep voices groan and see which one she likes better.

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he should innovate gorilla orgasm sounds or pig noises! haha

staychill 16

yea it will even it out

xXMudkipNoobXx 7

i bet whoever read that comment tried to make that sound

I bet the wasp was evilly laughing in the next room.

'unmanly orgasm wail' Sounds Hawt O:

penelopecruise 2

judging by your picture, you will be pregnant in 4 months. max.

Ha ha ha, that really made me laugh, thanks.

7-I was thinking the same thing

he screamed like a little girl, it may be just me, but i would have burst out laughing. poor lad, the embarassment :')

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hey we should text eachother

ChiddyBANGr 13

Tell that woman that you just saved her from her untimely demise, and that she owes you a nice, mid-morning banging :)

think about the wasp!!! it must be emotionally scarred forever!!! lol

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wasps have feelings too you know

coulda at least said it was a hive of them instead of just one....

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Not many relationships last after one party refuses to ever bang the other one again. What's up with all the crazy girlfriend fmls lately?

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hot gf = crazy or bitchy step mom usually.....