By drunk - 06/03/2010 07:38 - Australia

Today, I woke up on a friend's floor with a massive hangover after her party last night. My friend, who was next to me, barfed all over me. She then told me that while I was drunk last night, I made out with her dog as well as two of our other friend's boyfriends. FML
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you deserve it for getting shitfaced.

"Two of our other friend's boyfriends" and "two of our other friends' boyfriends": huge difference.


you deserve it for getting shitfaced.

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so how was the dog? or do you not remember? have you ever done the peanut butter thing?

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lmao shitfaced. Haven't heard that in forever

lizzilla8297 2

stupid! don't drink! ydi

That's some funny stuff Eddie LOL

#1 is so right. Beastiality? WTF were you drinking?

learn to hold your liqour

Jrook 0

and your prego. your parents must be proud

Ha, ha! I've heard that joke before. : D

The dog deserves it. Dogs can't hold their licker.

So, when are you giving birth to the next Manbearpig?

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YDI for drinking so much!!

people how say ydi for getting shitfaced are probably in grade six and think drinking is the worst thing ever. take tokes everyday

@53 (showrunner) Um I don't think it's the getting shitfaced part. It's the making out with other friends boyfriends and a dog part that gets my YDI. Regardless of drinking you should know your limits and if you don't know your limits you should expect any consequences from your actions. I'm just waiting for the follow-up FML where the OP has no friends and has rumors spread around that she had sex with the dog.

prego with half human half dog babies

ipwnallmen 10

im not sure if its a step up or step down from licking a dogs ear. lol peaNUT butter and licks.... half human half dog.. a real beauty and the beast couple, huh?

#53 it's who not how, I think you're the one in 6th grade

wait a sec... if she was "drunk" too, then how come YOU don't remenber..... interesting

#97, OP was drunk enough to tongue a dog. Her friend, presumably, wasn't. Besides, not everyone blacks out when they get plastered.

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Ever serve non-alcoholic beer at a High School party? Hilarious! One of the funniest nights of my life.

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pictures or it didn't happen

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that's fuckn grose

I hope your happy OP when you find out you have some rare type of animal AIDS.

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not unless there was rufuies lol

don't get drunk dumb ass

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furreal whore

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ydi for having a great night and then complaining about it.

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damn girl u sexy!:)

getting *safely* shitfaced is fun! dont be such a prude. ever seen the hangover? funnyyy shit!

it's not fyl, it's f the lifes of those boyfriends who just made out which a chick that just made out with a dog, and what's all these prego comments from making out with a dog lol

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FYL and I just woke up from

I hope you caught the dog's rabies. YDI.

That might be a valid wish on your part if rabies actually existed within Australia.

Ooo we have a badass over here...

Respect that

really you suck... YDI for make out with a DOG ...>EEEWWWWW

Someone's a lightweight...

You do know that being a light weight means you get drunk quickly and easily, right? Not being so drunk you do stupid shit. Cause by those standards, everyone on the planet who has ever been drunk would be considered a "light weight".

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ewww fyl .

"Two of our other friend's boyfriends" and "two of our other friends' boyfriends": huge difference.

LQTM. Punctuation win

Really, the dog deserves it. Dogs can't hold their licker.

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so, you blew Chunks? (

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"Chunks" is an odd name for a dog. Sort of like it though

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threesome with a dog? :o

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Bestiality is NOT sexy. Lol

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hahaha YDI for not being able to hold your liquor, for being a slut, and for being pro beastility :P Congrats.