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Today, I woke up on a friend's floor with a massive hangover after her party last night. My friend, who was next to me, barfed all over me. She then told me that while I was drunk last night, I made out with her dog as well as two of our other friend's boyfriends. FML
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  nomadxx7  |  0

@53 (showrunner)

Um I don't think it's the getting shitfaced part. It's the making out with other friends boyfriends and a dog part that gets my YDI. Regardless of drinking you should know your limits and if you don't know your limits you should expect any consequences from your actions.

I'm just waiting for the follow-up FML where the OP has no friends and has rumors spread around that she had sex with the dog.

  ipwnallmen  |  10

im not sure if its a step up or step down from licking a dogs ear. lol peaNUT butter and licks.... half human half dog.. a real beauty and the beast couple, huh?

  ffmmllyaya  |  0

it's not fyl, it's f the lifes of those boyfriends who just made out which a chick that just made out with a dog, and what's all these prego comments from making out with a dog lol


You do know that being a light weight means you get drunk quickly and easily, right? Not being so drunk you do stupid shit. Cause by those standards, everyone on the planet who has ever been drunk would be considered a "light weight".