By yuuupyup - 18/04/2012 00:55 - United States - Somerset

Today, while driving home, I realized I forgot my house key. Luckily, when I arrived home, someone had already broken into my house. Guess I didn't need the key. FML
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He didn't even lock the door on his way out? What an asshole.

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Did you leave the cookies out, maybe it was santa?


He didn't even lock the door on his way out? What an asshole.

Op houseguest just wanted to make sure no one else got in

I don't think you can lock the door without the key bro. Just saying.

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Hey atleast u dont have to break into ur own house and u can claim insurance

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Damn burglars, always being so disrespectful

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OMG i hopee everything thing is alritee.????

1-OP never said he didn't lock his door.

-.- it said he didn't need the key. I'm guessing that means yes, the burgler left his house unlocked on the way out 75.

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Yeah you can #5, you just lock it then shut it. That simple "bro"

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Yes because people only get their houses broken into in the ghetto

Theres nothing to steal in the ghetto, but the stolen goods are sold there

i don't live in the ghetto and some motherfuckers broke into my truck to steal cologne and a pile of penny's. desperate times i guess...

hellbilly205 17

2, and 5 you're both stupid if you think that break in's just happen in certain spots, it happens everywhere...

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Well at least you got into your house, maybe buy a fierce dog to protect from burglars?

I just woke up, it's six in the morning, I'm sorry for my bad comment.....

#23 / #3 - Replying to your own comment. Fry : Can't tell if 'Like A Boss' or 'Forever Alone

I think 3 made a good point about getting a guard dog, it couldn't hurt. Sounds like you need some added security, spending the money on alarms etc would be a good idea.

My dog, bless his heart, should have been named courage. He would run and hide if somebody broke in my house.

I unliked you half because of your profile pic

The least you can do is be optimistic, right?

That seems to be what they've done already lol :)

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Every dark cloud has a silver lining! Who needs silly old keys anyway?

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Did you remember to knock first?

It's etiquette 101 when it comes to people who break into your house

NoisyNykkii 10

People don't understand sarcasm these days *sigh*.

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Did you leave the cookies out, maybe it was santa?

No, but it could been the easter bunny goin after the cadbury eggs

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Gee you think he did'nt do that already...

Somebody call 911 Shawty fire burning on the dance floor - whoa!

"oh my god! My house just got broken into- quick! Lemme put this on fml!

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That is so horrible - sorry for you OP.

Quick question... Did you ever find your key?