By VieDeChien - 30/10/2012 04:24 - China - Chongqing

Today, I’m in China, and I took my Golden Retriever to the groomer’s to get him cleaned up, because he’d been rolling in mud. I returned to find him totally shaved, save his head and tail. FML
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at least he wasn't dinner

drayloon 50

Well, at least he wasn't Golden barbeque?


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at least he wasn't dinner

Redgy22 26

There are beautiful dogs and delicious dogs. I learned that one year in Vietnam

dang you beat me to it!

drayloon 50

Well, at least he wasn't Golden barbeque?

The VDM is leaking over to FML!

What is VDM?

drayloon 50

French equivalent of FML, it's actually the precursor to it

was it called City Groomer?

Mathalamus 24

i honestly expected the dog to be dinner instead. so, this FML is actually a good thing. at least hair grows back, right?

This isn't a good thing, the person never would of eaten the dog.

It’s not a breed you can just shave. The coats going to be weird forever. Let’s hope it isn’t a show dog.

This is why I always groom my own dogs. MUCH worse has happened at groomers. I used to work at a groomer's salon so I know there ARE good ones out there, but I also know the horror stories and having a neighbor whose Bedlington came home with one of his ears GLUED on his head after it was cut off was enough to convince me to groom my dogs myself. My second, lesser reason is that I know how to do it all and I can't bring myself to pay someone else to do something I once did for a living. My current dog is hairless (and my husband's dog is single coated) so I have no use for a groomer at this point in time anyhow! I hope you are able to escape the horrible fate of shaved double coats. I don't know how warm the weather is there, but that undercoat is going to grow in fast to replace what was removed and it will trap the heat in rather than help him cool down since there will be more than there was before. I don't know how long it takes for the guard hairs to grow back in, if they ever do manage to fully recover, but until then, you'll have to make sure that wooly undercoat isn't baking him alive during the warmer months and trapping cold water during the colder months. I hope your Golden's coat is able to grow back in as beautiful as it was before and I'm so sorry you were misunderstood by the groomer!

Hold up, hold up, hold up. I'm not sure I read that right. You're telling me someone took their dog to the groomer, and it's EAR got chopped off?! And they GLUED it back?! Was there not blood everywhere or all over the dog? Wasn't the dog in pain and therefore howling? Where did this happen? I'm so confused/horrified that doesn't make any damn sense.

okay, yeah, it was cut off. maybe they cleaned it up after

aesthetic umbrella 18

That just sounds horrible. :/ That reminds me, my aunt was telling me a story about this one girl she used to work with; they were both teachers at this preschool. The girl threatened to cut one of her student's ear's off (ik wtf), and she ACTUALLY did, leaving her to be fired and searching for other jobs. It wasn't intentional, but it was still horrifiying.


VDM is a French acronym, "vie de merde". It's basically the French equivalent to FML, as the FML website started off in France.

well, at least they didn't eat him, right?