By In urgent need of a new roommate / Wednesday 26 March 2014 23:44 / United States - West Linn
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  Acers1  |  13

acerredrum we meet again

  scooterdude720  |  19

The gender is not specified.

  miggles  |  16

How is getting another pet gonna solve anything here? Unless the cat eats the parrot I guess, but still. Cats are assholes. ._.

By  GEBEH  |  14

Or just let it out through the window.

  alycion  |  26

Yes 72 my husky shows it every night when he tries to counter surf. Yet he only does it when there is competition for resources, a foster dog in the home.

By  ArentWeAll  |  4


  JR7ISME  |  18

I'd expect a seagull to this FML in that case. Get it? seagull/ sequel ? nobody? Ok

By  xivoricbutterfly  |  25

Get a cat. Cat eats parrot = sleep.

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