By fothermuckerrr - 14/05/2010 04:07 - United States

Today, my best friend told me that she is only my friend because she is prettier than me and being my friend boost her confidence. FML
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What a shallow bitch! Ditch her, nobody wants a friend like that.

You should have told her you're only friends with her because her cuntish attitude makes everyone like you better.


What a shallow bitch! Ditch her, nobody wants a friend like that.

what a bitch! tell her to **** off!

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probably joking, move on with your life

@4 she'll probably say she was joking later..but it's one of those "yeah...I was joking (because it is funny, but it's also true and I don't want you to not be friends with me anymore)" girls actually do this shit. trust me. they've confided a lot worse stuff they do/say to their "friends". they're horrible.

your friend is shallow, bin the bitch.

Well that's just mean. If you want to get back, just use her unconfident nature to your advantange. Or take the moral highroad; your choice.

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I thought u were going to delete ur account @ 1 & 2

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Get some plastic surgery then beat her up. Plain n Simple.

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that's when you punch her in the face, break her nose! then cut off a big chunk of her hair right on top and then ask her if she wants to go to the mall bc you want to be her friend since you're, now, prettier than her and she'll boost your confidence!!

Good thinking britterss. Perfect plan!

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well on the bright side your helping her :)