By sweet23 - 18/08/2013 11:43 - Australia - Burleigh Heads

Today, I got fired from my job at an age care facility because I was too nice to my residents. My boss told me "They're deaf, blind and about to jump head first into the grave. We don't pay you to be kind." FML
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sweet23_fml tells us more.

I think there was a bit of misunderstanding it was just my boss who thought that way, the ladies i work with are the most respectful and caring people i have ever met.

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Why do people treat the elderly so horribly? They are people too; they've just experienced a LOT more than most.

So are children, teens, married people, single people, and imaginary friends. Your point?


Why do people treat the elderly so horribly? They are people too; they've just experienced a LOT more than most.

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Well, the elderly are the cause of a lot of FMLs.

So are children, teens, married people, single people, and imaginary friends. Your point?

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OP's boss sounds like a sociopath.

I really don't know how or why people aren't nice. It makes everyone feel better, so long as it's not over the top and done in a patronizing way. I work in an elder care facility and it really improves the day when you see people smile after a conversation

Not only elders though. Just be nice to everyone, end of story.

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No worries, once he is older and being treated horribly he will come to his senses.

Don't forget pets, goldfishes can be real bitches sometimes!

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Actually 21, he just sounds like an asshole. Pretty big difference there, doctor.

Is his name Steve??

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A sociopath can't emotionally bond with others. He probably just sees them as dying checks

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And given the things he said to OP, he fits the description of a sociopath pretty well...

He doesn't sound like a sociopath at all. He sounds like an asshole. Regardless, OP, you should report this to someone. The wrongful termination and the (probable) elder abuse.

@77- I truly hope OP reads this and takes your advice.

I have taken this issue up with the company that owns this particular facility. My previous boss has been fired, I have my job back and the new boss is really nice and seems to actually care about our residents.

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Elders are dicks though

Great to hear that OP, enjoy your job and I'm sure the residents will be glad to have you back!

I'll never forget when I was little I went to visit my friend's mother at her nursing home when I was little, and this poor old man was struggling to stand up and reach his walking frame. So the nurse walked over, yelled at him to hurry up, and physically pushed him out of his chair. He started crying because she hurt him, and she turned to face me and said "don't worry, he has dementia so it's not like he'll remember any of this." I was horrified. To this day, I wish I had said something. I know I was only a kid, but I wish I had told my parents or done something. I heard she ended up getting fired, but apparently that wasn't the worst she had done to the patients. Kinda makes Ben Stiller's character from Happy Gilmore look like a nice guy by comparison D:

Glad to hear that! The other guy sounds like some sort of psychopathic lunatic.

Yay, that's awesome!

Glad you got your job back.

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What a bunch of grave diggers

No! No more death jokes! They're killing me.

Exactly, don't they know that 'Kindness is Magic'?!

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I know right? I think OP should call the police and report this an maybe sue. This is ridiculous.

^oh god please. IF Op sees the manager give the patients cruel treatment, then yes, inform the proper authorities. But, unfortunately, there's no law against being rude. For sure report the manager to /his/ boss, but not the police.

That's ****** up I love the elderly

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Your boss sounds like a major ass. That's just ridiculous.

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Right? He should sue the company.

That is absolutely terrible. I'm a CNA in a nursing home and a lot of our residents are great people who have lived wonderful lives and want nothing more than to die comfortably. People who get in the way of that deserve to be treated like crap when they can't wipe their own butt. (:

Wow I can't even believe someone would say something like that. The elderly are people too and deserve just as much respect or even more because they have lived such long lives and have so much experience to share with everyone. Your boss is seriously ****** up and must have some mental problems of his own to even say something so horrible. You should definitely report his rude disrespectful ass to his higher authority if you can. It's amazing that people actually think that way about the elderly. He does know HE will be elderly one day himself. What an idiot!

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Damn. That's harsh..

Well, that's true, but... You should start a petition with the people that stay there to get your job back!

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What part is true? That they're about to die so they shouldn't be treated kindly? Just wait until you're an elderly person. Just wait.

The management probably would use some excuse of the patients being senile and therefore ignore it.

Jees, I am new to FML and I really wanted my first couple of comments to be up, in front, not in back. And it only takes a couple of seconds to go from 1st comment to 35th. I just didn't know what to post. So, now I cannot edit my comment, and I think you misunderstood what I posted. I just tried to be a little funny. I didn't mean that he deserved losing his job. In fact, I think the boss should be fired, by OP...

Well, welcome to FML. Work on improving your comments and you won't get chewed at and downvoted.

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What are you talking about? Your comment doesn't make any sense even if you're trying to be funny.

hcollins1 18

So I reread the comment and understood it and ran out of time to edit my comment. :/ but what I tried saying is that just because you are not comment number one doesn't mean it's the end of the world!

Well, I'll certainly try, #86! And yes, #89, I know, and again, I'm sorry guys!

Oh, and I actually don't mind the down votes, it's actually kinda nice under here... :/


What do they want you to do scream at them.

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They built this world to what it is today for us....why does nobody know the meaning of respect anymore? What a scummy boss...

If you're from the US, that's 18 trillion dollars in debt they've "built" for us that we have to pay back.

gloooooria 14

Wait, the elderly? Or the government? 0.o

CallMeMcFeelii 13

You can't blame the elders for that. They don't control every move the US made. That's a bold ******* statement buddy. They fought in wars that changed the ******* world. My grandpa got shot 3 times in Korea, and it's his fault we're in debt? Get your head out your ass you ungrateful piece of shit.

#23, actually, a large majority of that debt has been built up over the past 3 administrations. So if anybody is to blame, its the people ranging from ages 20 - 50.

No, idiot. That's all the governments fault. Even if it was true they still deserve to be treated with respect... Everyone does.

Wow buddy you really pissed alot of people must not treat your grandparents very good. I'm sure you don't walk up to them and say " hey thanks for all the debt you old bastards!" Do you? Have some respect for ****'s sake! God what douche

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My grandfather and his mother escaped Nazi Germany, then started working in the war effort to save the people of this worlds asses. The things he's seen and done are fantastic and truly difficult. Respect the people who put you where you are now.

What ever happened to being a good caring person?

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come on get with it. that's sooooo 20th century

Apparently, being a good moral person isn't "cool" anymore.

Honestly, the only thing wrong with it is that being nice doesnt make money. except it the service industries. Your boss us a retard, op. Get him a good bye present and give him an application for employment at factory with no benefits and a low wage.

If only prisoners were treated like that...

Prisoners have done crimes raped killed stole they shouldnt be treated with respect.

48- Yes, that's the point 10 was mentioning.

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Raped, killed, stole? Reminds me of murder death kill off Demolition Man.

Most prisoners leave jail, so no, they shouldn't be treated like that unless you want people entering society with even more resentment than they currently have.

In the US: The greatest percentage of prisioners are people with drug charges, the greater percentage of that is marijuana. The second greatest percent are people who were victims of the economy, like someone needed diapers so they held up a liquor store. They do their time with their head down and serve their sentence because they are moral people who made bad decisions.

Watch Orange Is The New Black if you want to watch moral people who just made bad decisions. It's based on a true story and the way the prisoners are treated is appalling - there are some twisted COs around. Also it's an awesome show so I want to spread the word.

You can just feel the love...