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You must've beat that pussy up good...

I don't think thinking of pussy will help your cause.


You must've beat that pussy up good...

this comment is actual genius lol

What if that had the opposite effect.

beat that pussy up

That would be a strange fetish.

Then her noticing his boner should be the least of his worries. And it would be extremely awkward when he gets home to see his cat.

self discovery is key

I think most guys can affirm that they have had to do things like that from time to time to keep from getting a boner. Sometimes, it's the only way to keep from an extremely awkward situation.

Better that than thinking of grandma

I personally let them see, or feel, what they're getting themselves into. Show yourself... Unless you know nothing good will happen

Exactly #60! It's a compliment. He should have just let it happen.It's his body's way of saying "Hey you're hot and you should move your head three inches to the right".

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EXACTLY!!!! Then just move up and down a bit... Who knows? Lol

You have given me the confidence I need in life. Thank you

Well, ive never gone to that extreme, but yes i have had to imagine scary things..*shudder*

Sorry man, If a girl is putting her head in my lap she has to know two things 1 a dick lives there. 2 I like her. If shes still willing to put her head there. Whatever happens roll with it. Shes not stupid.

I don't think thinking of pussy will help your cause.

Looks like you had quite the CATastrophe on your hands

Fuck ya'll that comment was fire

the only fire involved in any pun is when you set that person on fire for making one.

I liked the pun in general. Your over emphasis on CAT however is probably why you're getting down voted. Just my opinion.

Why the fuck was this downvoted? Fuck all you guys.

I didn't find the pun funny, but #5 follow up after being down voted was hilarious

I like you and wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

#31 was so polite haha

*snap* Corner. Now.

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That just sounds fucking painful.

That's a boner fide story.

we should erect a statue in honor of this guy.

You guys must have thought long and hard to cum up with these puns.

These comments are golden, I'll have to write some of them down. Does somebody know where my penis?

I jacked it yesterday so I could write notes in my dicktionary.

We've all been there. Though, I never had to think of something like savagely beating my pet to death to refrain from getting a boner. Whatever helps I guess.

should have destroyed her pussy instead of your own!

That's an interesting method.. I expected the FML to end with "..but it had an opposite effect."