By GothicAngel17 - 07/04/2012 01:52 - Australia - Southport

Today, my morning sickness decided to show itself every time I smell coffee. I work at a coffee shop. FML
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GothicAngel17 tells us more.

Seems like the best solution so far. I think I might actually try that when everything opens again.

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I've bean there. A latte times I just wanted to go home. I could tell there was some nastiness brewing inside me. Remember, if you are feeling sick and need to go home, talk to your manager and espresso self.

Guess the last thing you'll want to do is "wake up and smell the coffee..."


I think coffee smells like farts sometimes.

I think it smells like BO.. or maybe it's just the man who serves my drinks...

... That really doesn't help the situation D:

HairyPunisher 27

I immediately thought this sounded like a Ralph Wiggum line from The Simpsons.

bizarre_ftw 21

Congrats on your soon-to-be gothic angelet

74 - I really hate this username D: I made it years ago. Wish I could change it.

OP If you want some help trying to prevent morning sickness, this is what I was taught. Try setting an alarm for about 2 or 3am and go pee. I know it will suck, but there's horomones in a woman's urine when pregnant that can cause morning sickness and it builds up at night since you aren't using the bathroom for 8-10 hours.

OHai15 12

how many months do u have to be to go on maternity leave, if u can?

courtneyann211 10

117- maternity leave is for when you have the baby, sometimes a few weeks before depending on if you're on bed rest. Otherwise employers do not have to give you time off to get over the morning sickness. For a lot of women, it lasts through the entire pregnancy anyway.

OP, I took something called Preggie Pops for my morning sickness. If you live in the states Motherhood or Babies R Us sells them. Otherwise your doctor may be able to prescribe something for you. I work at a tea shop and we have a pretzel kiosk right outside our store that makes one of my pregnant employees sick. She got a prescription and is doing much better. Hope it passes soon!

I live in Australia, but I'll try the baby section of toys r us

I just saw the location. Silly me. I don't have a babies r us where I live either but I was able to order them online. Btw Congrats on the little one. :)

DontClickOnMe 28

What an interesting situation.. Maybe you can take some time off of work for a while? At least until your morning sickness kinda passes.

courtneyann211 10

Maternity leave is when you have the baby. Sometimes a few weeks before but not the beginning of a pregnancy

DontClickOnMe 28

Lol. It's Brian Peppers, not Brian Peepers :P You silly goose, you!

Lmao. I think I always change it in my head to peepers cause of the eyes!!

Guess the last thing you'll want to do is "wake up and smell the coffee..."

bizarre_ftw 21

I think that would still be accurate were you to get rid of the "and smell the coffee" bit

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Lol 84 I say that all the time!!

Get one pf those masks that doctors use.

Yea good idea. It's not weird at all to receive your morning coffee from someone who looks like they are standing at the quarantine section of a hospital.

bizarre_ftw 21

Tell them you just got back from Japan and old habits die hard (I'm actually not insulting anyone, it's a common suggestion of doctors for you wear a surgical mask when biking [to work] in Japan, I'm not sure about walking around however...)

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76, as far as I know, that's more common in China. Nice try, though.

bizarre_ftw 21

Eh, my friends are the experts on that side of the world, my knowledge focuses mostly on Europe, I got it somewhat right therefore I feel accomplished

I agree with this… I mean, if you're constantly vomiting/feeling sick on the job then it must be obvious to your manager that you shouldn't be at work… unless this has been happening for a while. In that case, good luck… FYL. (By the way, I accidentally hit YDI, but I definitely don't think you deserve it.)

Hang in there OP. Morning sickness is the worst.

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Oh noes!! Well Who needs coffee anyway, when tea is a lot better?

That's why I drink tea instead, unfortunately coffee isn't something I can avoid all of the time D:

bizarre_ftw 21

I bow to you fellow tea lover *fancy hat trick, full courtier bow complete with over the top 16th century courtly suit/dress, whichever works better*

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Bizarre_ftw you need to learn how to keep your mouth shut. You hav been stalking gothic angle and making all her comments look bad. Grow up

89 - But then again, look who got thumbed up and who got thumbed down...

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89 what the **** are you talking about??............ some ppl really need to check themselves before getting on here. smartass

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LOL XD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a 13 yo is trying to tell me to "grow up" this just made my week XD!!!

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Hahhaha, I love how I am 13 and trying to help someone, and you are a tattooed 17 year old who I do not fear, trying to put me and others like gothic angel down. I did not literally mean grow up, I meant I would like if we both could just stop fighting ( although what does grow up hav to do with any of what I just said lol :) ) Please can we stop fighting? Ps: I don't care how many negative thumbs I get I'm trying to apologize.

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Apology accepted, I'm never one to enjoy a feud (now a debate, that's a different story....) However I'd like to set two things straight One: you say I'm trying to put you and the op down, when in fact I'm not trying anything of the sort (okay, the laughing at you was not Kind, but I found the juxtaposition of our ages and your comment extremely entertaining, however I'll apologize to you for that) I think the op is a perfectly kind woman with an honest problem, however I do not know how to fix it, therefore I'm simply commenting to the topics directly at hand.

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Two: You refer to me being tattooed as a bad thing, I have one that was drawn by a very close friend of my mother's who sadly committed suicide, she was an Amazing artist with an inspiring view of the world, and I can tell all this from her art, I am not religious yet the drawing is shaped like a wing and I have it on one shoulder as a symbol that you will always live on through your art/what you gave the world. The other one is a little j on my ankle, it's there because my cousin lost her baby at 6 months, he was born alive and lived maybe three hours, his name was Jesse and I got the first letter of his first name on my ankle (and I will do this with others who are important to me) so I can carry what little there is left of them with me (the other is a doodle I did that I love and makes me happy that's tiny and lovely) Can you tell me what's wrong with this^?

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I am very sorry, I do not think tattoos are bad, it is amazingly sweet of you to have those in memory. :) I apologize!!

OP: Do you also self-medicate with tea? :3