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Today, I woke up from a nap and thought I felt somebody's arm in my bed. I frantically start hitting it and start screaming. I soon realized it was my own arm. I'd fallen asleep on it, and it was completely numb, I couldn't feel a thing. FML
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  LilaBear  |  1

actually that's pretty common. My mum said once when she was younger she woke up and saw this hand beside her face and since she couldn't feel it she totally freaked out, thinking it was another person... then realised it was her own hand that had gone dead. I've heard of a lot of people who've freaked out before they've realised the arm/hand beside them is their own (because it's gone dead and they haven't been able to feel it).

  kerrygirl  |  13

the screaming and hitting part is a bit over the top though, ya obviously everyone wakes up with that happening every so often but no one totally freaks........u come to the conclusion straight away that its your own hand!!

  nviedemerde  |  0

You've obviously never fallen asleep on your arm. This happened to me once and when I woke up only my numb hand was touching my face. I didn't scream, but I gasped and sat up really fast and then felt my arm dangling and realized that there wasn't some strange person in my bed. Thankfully. It's a seriously scary feeling.

  liveBabylon  |  0

Maybe somethings wrong with me but when I see a hand in the morning I take a minute before hitting it...It may be a friend, family.... Come one guys panicking only makes things worse.
>_< YDI

  swkisses5  |  0

yea my arm went completely numb after i slept on it but i woke up (cus i go into an extremely deep sleep) and i thought my arm was missing bc i couldn't feel it lol unfortunately for me i had had a nightmare so when i woke up i really thought my arm was gone lol

  NikkiRainbow63  |  31

I haven't hit myself like OP has, but I feel the need to defend myself when I wake up and see something that freaks me out, even just for a second. I've accidentally punched my mom in the face because she scared me when she woke me up...

  brontide  |  0

Have you *seen* the moderation queue? Most can't even spell to save their life and I find myself saying yes to the ones that are at lest complete sentences.