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Today, I came home from the hospital diagnosed with high blood pressure. It's caused by stress. My wife had a very long talk with my son about it. All the kid has been doing for the past 2 hours is scream at his Playstation. I'd rather be at the hospital. FML
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Solution: take Playstation away from him for a few days.

To reduce your stress you should throw the playstation out the window and watch his reaction. Always good for a laugh.


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Or OP can smoke weed while sharing with his son as they both play Black Ops together. Father and son bonding time!

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I like the idea of shooting the kid with a tranquilizer dart better. That'd make me feel better anyway.

Solution: take Playstation away from him for a few days.

The kid whining about it might end up being just as stressful.

Yes but in the long run, if it's done repeatedly he will eventually get the picture. Not enforcing a punishment because the resultant whining is stressful is honestly stupid. That's just letting your kid walk all over you and get his way all the time, and that's how you end up with immature spoiled brats.

It's true you shouldn't withhold discipline for the sake of avoiding whining. But I don't know if the kid deserves to be punished for simply yelling at a console. Maybe the father could simply ask him to be a bit quieter.

I don't think it'd be punishing the kid for yelling at a game per se, but if the kid is simply yelling at a PS, then he probably is yelling/overreacting with other things as well. The father could simply ping him for one of those other things and the punishment would be losing the PS privileges.

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World needs parents that think like gothicangel ...sadly.. Most just let their kids have what they want in order to avoid the job of being a parent...smh. It's actually really sad.

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You obviously don't know teenagers these days. Every single kid on Xbox/ Playstation scream at other players. It doesn't mean the kid is unstable and overreacts at everything.

Well, I never ever screamed at other players while playing halo or COD online, even when I was 12. And I AM a teenager myself, technically so I sort of do know teenagers these days. Quite frankly screaming at other players is just immature and the first sign of a sore loser, and people who don't take losing very well and get angry are all too often spoilt, bratty and used to getting what they want. Also I do agree, we do need more parents that think like I do. If there were more parents like that then perhaps there wouldn't be so many rude and obnoxious brats around.

44, it didn't say he was screaming at other players. He could just be yelling because the game he is playing could be glitchy and not exactly working right.

I'm absolutely, 100% with GothicAngel. I'm sick of parents that give their children everything to avoid their child bitching and moaning. Suck it the **** up, you're the parent for goodness sakes. Discipline your ******* child, and eventually they'll get it. As for OP's son, I agree that you should take it away. Teach him some patience by waiting a month to give it back. 51-Are you honestly defending the son's actions? IT'S A ******* GAME. I'm guessing you do it too. He knows his dad needs silence, but he still overreacts? Nope.

I agree with GothicAngel and 53. Someone I'm currently very close to gets everything he wants. He also screams "WOOOOOOOOW" 500000 times while playing on his xbox, and when asked to lower his voice or stop, he says "I'm trying." but continues yelling as if the game is a real life situation and as if it's something worth yelling about. His mom does not discipline him at all, and he shouldn't have to be since he's 18. He also gets everything he wants and he doesn't have to beg or ask for long. I'm not sure what goes through his moms head in these situations, and he's not a bad person, but she's not a very good parent and I blame her parenting for his stubbornness and ignorance. Sometimes I just want to scream in her face and demand her to do her job properly but I know that wouldn't make a difference. These kind of people motivate me to raise my kids properly when I'll have some.

Now I don't mean to be a bitch...but it really annoys me when people who have no children think they can parent better. I don't have children and I would never act like I know what's better for someone else's kids. Everyone parents different...this FML hardly gives any insight into OP and his wife's skills anyway.

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You, gothic, are awesome. I have a PS3 and not ever once on any of the games have I ever screamed at it. I may have screamed in fear once because in dead space I turned around and was like, "OHPLEASEDONTTOUCHME." There is nothing that is more aggravating to me when my friends scream at games constantly. I have high blood pressure as well and that just makes it skyrocket. I play games to relax. Not deal with idiots. I really wish their parents would take the stupid thing away from them. They need the break. I don't even know if this comment is coherent. BUT I am too tired to care~

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44 my comment was for 29 sorry about that

Skyeatsairplane: then why are you friends with this person if you feel that way?

53, I worded that badly. I was in no way defending him. I was just saying why he might be screaming, and I sort of do that. Except I don't scream especially when I'm not home alone, I mumble.

Taranpreet, I am a parent. Don't go around assuming things. Or didn't your parents teach you any manners either?

His dad does not need silence, he needs rest. The kid does not think he's overreacting, he thinks he's doing nothing. I was (am?) one of those, I got angry at COD lots of times, not at people, but at the game. The fact is that I just had to relieve that anger and there was no one to blame. It's better when I screamed and the anger stopped there than when I held my anger and then got angry with my parents for bull****s. Eventually I learned I had to stop that pattern and I stopped playing cod. What the dad has to learn is not to get stressed from the kid's screams, because he needs them to relieve his anger, and he has to help the kid getting out of his pattern, talking to him when he isn't angry/playing. I hope this will somehow help... sorry if my english is poor

Anyone read the comment on an FML about the person whose parents took everything out of their room and hid it when the person said they didn't have anything? What has happened to the world? Gets shittier because of shows like Jersey Shore, 16 & Pregnant, etc. the world's society is slowly commiting suicide. All these unraised kids are the future too, outnumbering disciplined children; making the cycle to repeat. Great job we have going on. **** the World.

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I agree as a parent to a 12 year old son who plays Xbox. You have to have rules and you can't just give in to what they want to save an argument things will only get worse! My son does get loud and noisy but its always dealt with. He's not a spoiled brat either. He loses his Xbox privileges or his tv if he gives me a hard time! Not just for being loud and noisy Playjng just in general whether its not doing homework or chores. Take the play station away eventually your son will get it!

You have this parenting thing down to a science. I'm impressed....


No he’ll cry and beg for it until he gets it back. And then he’ll have to give it back to him because then if he tries to discipline him he’ll tell someone and then child services will arrest the father for abuse

If a child is screaming in frustration at something for hours, it seems like you should find some other game for them to play, yes--but remember it doesn't work unless you actually sit down with them and spend some time with them. You can't just say 'stop that' and walk away, it doesn't work. Maybe teach them poker with candy for stakes, or play a game of checkers together. It'll wind OP down too.

To reduce your stress you should throw the playstation out the window and watch his reaction. Always good for a laugh.

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You NEVER throw a PlayStation out the window.

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You're right, you should be thrown out the window!

Or you can throw the kid out and watch the reactions. Your idea works too :)

Nah I think teaching your kids to break stuff for punishments is a bad idea

Shouldn't have bought the kid black ops least get the kid into something more skill based with less screaming like LoL. Wait...scratch the less screaming part...

Bring some fun games and play on low difficulty level. It would help relive you stress and your kids anger.

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18: I think #5 just has not started ranked yet :p

Bring out the dad in you! Tell him if he can't use things in a civilized manner you're going to take it away, and actually do it. Sometimes words aren't enough, especially if the kid's used to empty threats.

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I really hope you're joking. Alcohol causes hypertension. This is a terrible suggestion.

I agree with 35, if relaxation is what you want then try some pot not beer.

There's nothing I can say to console you, it's one of those next gen. things, OP. Just whip his ass and ground him like the last OP's Dad. Those noob kids never stand a chance And throw in a youtube video of him noobraging when you troll him to post on youtube for us, ok?

Interesting that the father refers to his son as "the kid".

I would if it was my child pissing me off, obviously intentionally.

Well Op if he is screaming at the play station he more than likely sucks at the game. Just challenge him to a match of CoD, I heard dads are good at it now a days and if you win take it away and ground his ass.