By fartypeepee - 18/07/2009 10:48 - Australia

Today, I woke up feeling a tingling sensation on my testicles. I enjoyed it for a few seconds, then threw off the covers. Looks like there have been cockroaches in my bed. FML
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why do u think they're called **** roaches

iSmellNice 2

lol cockroaches turned you on


gir321 0

hahahahahahahahahahaha epic. :p but not really an fml, just capture them and set them free than wash the sack.

JizzedPants 0

you mean capture them, dump them in your lawn, and pull out a flamethrower.

dinosaursmoo 0

HAHAHA COCKroaches. Get it? **** :D

Look's like no one is gonna give that a 'job' for a good wile, a.k.a life, lol

xsuicidal_memori 0

LOL 57 I GET IT :D ahahahaha xD

lovemysnubber 0

57 hate this phrase but.....epic win!

hahaahah this made me lol to myself for awhile

iSmellNice 2

lol cockroaches turned you on

coffeeisgood33 0

He should of said "Tickled My Testicles"

icertainlysuck 0

Goodnight, dont let the bedbugs pleasure your wang! LMFAO

**** roaches on your testicles? Looks like they were in the right neighborhood!

girandwogpig 0

Get off you troll And just so you know.... Formicophilia:n:Fetish for having small insects crawl on your genitals

Wow, I'm stunned that they actually have a word for that. o.o

time to clean something else don't you think?

KittenOnAcid 1

ha for sure..get in between the corners!!

conan6 0

Eww, gross. Especially the enjoying-part x)