By fartypeepee - 18/07/2009 10:48 - Australia

Today, I woke up feeling a tingling sensation on my testicles. I enjoyed it for a few seconds, then threw off the covers. Looks like there have been cockroaches in my bed. FML
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why do u think they're called cock roaches

lol cockroaches turned you on


hahahahahahahahahahaha epic. :p but not really an fml, just capture them and set them free than wash the sack.

...Set them free?!

you mean capture them, dump them in your lawn, and pull out a flamethrower.

thank you for disgusting me :D

HAHAHA COCKroaches. Get it? COCK :D

Look's like no one is gonna give that a 'job' for a good wile, a.k.a life, lol

LOL 57 I GET IT :D ahahahaha xD

57 hate this phrase but.....epic win!

hahaahah this made me lol to myself for awhile


colton_colton 49

I'd go crazy!

lol cockroaches turned you on

He should of said "Tickled My Testicles"

Goodnight, dont let the bedbugs pleasure your wang! LMFAO

Cock roaches on your testicles? Looks like they were in the right neighborhood!

YDI for enjoying it, you freak.

Get off you troll And just so you know.... Formicophilia:n:Fetish for having small insects crawl on your genitals

Wow, I'm stunned that they actually have a word for that. o.o

why do u think they're called cock roaches

ahahaha but so disgusting D:

haha! and you enjoyed it, classic.

LMFAO! This should have been the conclusion to his FML

I wonder, *cough* *cough*

Ouch, time to clean your room maybe?

time to clean something else don't you think?

ha for sure..get in between the corners!!

Talk about cock-roaches.

lol on number 6

Eww, gross. Especially the enjoying-part x)