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  tammy0312  |  6

Lol! You know you're Latino when you would bring something up like that, ha! My dad taught me an alternate version of that song. It goes...
La cucaracha
La cucaracha
La que tiene tu mama
Cuando se agacha
Cuando se agacha
Se la mira tu papa!

I know it's sick, but still hilarious!

  Janawa  |  22

And maybe OP will have to bless it's soul, for how could she not hear it's spirit wail in pain as she crushed it's soul. Yes I feel sorry for it, for it has to do into the spirit world the way it left the living plane..... Goodbye, la cucaracha, and may Ussen bless you soul.

By  tammy0312  |  6

Ewwww.... They're so disgusting! I would freak! When I was little I moved to a ghetto area and they had roaches. It was so bad one morning my face was itchy so I went to scratch then felt something weird, that's when I realized I had just squished a roach on my face! I was scarred for life! Thank God we moved and left all our shit there so we wouldn't infest our new place too!
Oh yeah and FYL OP.

  Raidriar  |  14

To all those who disliked this:
A cockroach is living too, and deserves some respect. Humans are incredibly selfish and do not care for the billions they kill to get their way. It's sad, we hurt the earth in so many ways and do not even care.