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Today, I lent my sister $1000 because she and her husband were in some debt. They used the money to go gambling in Vegas and won a major jackpot. They won't even give me a cut. FML
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hpdrew15 9

I'd demand the $1000 back immediately!

1. Find compromising information about them 2. Print it and Put in mailbox 3. ???? 4. Get some $$$


hpdrew15 9

I'd demand the $1000 back immediately!

1: borrow money 2: Go to Vegas 3: ??? 4: Profit

i smell lawsuit......well thats the last option you truly have

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas ;)

The money they won didn't stay in vegas now did it?

OP, make up some bullshit. Charge her 300% commission a day - compound!

enonymous 8

Cancel their flight home and Wait about 2 more days in Vegas and they will be broke again.

xxjimmyboixx 0

can't have a lawsuit if there can't prove op lended the money. correct me if I'm wrong

Give them roofies and lock them on the roof of a hotel

DomoLaDii 8

What happens in Vegas, stays in wtf someone already said that Noooo

I love how everyone is making the OP the asshole when her sister begged the money off her just to gamble it away like an idiot. They just got lucky and won. And a cut of the winnings would be paying back the money they were lent.

When they blow the money (which they will) and come crying to you for help again, just tell them to **** off. Oh. And demand you get your money back right now. And charge intrest.

X3liteXHunterX 12

If you give someone money an they use it to go to a casino and win money legally it's the persons money who went to the casino.

Did anyone else notice that people were saying quotes from the hangover?

148 yes, but OP gave them the money to pay debts, not to gamble. I believe OP should get a small cut + the $1000 OP lent to their sister.

You can only ask for the grand back - you aren't entitled to anything else... Even so, it would be nice if they "rewarded your generosity"...

dannnngthatsux 19

Bull Shit#148, if the money was to pay bills, then it should never have gone to Vegas. If they agreed it was ok to gamble it, then yes it's the winners unless they agreed to give part, but they still owe the $1000.

but it was a loan so they are entitled the initial loan back

1. Find compromising information about them 2. Print it and Put in mailbox 3. ???? 4. Get some $$$

#2 5.Lose It All 6.Borrow Money Again. 7.??? 8.Legs Get broke

The OP won't win in court. If she lent her family $1000. then that is all she is going to get back, not the /cut/ she "thinks" she deserves. The OP wants extra. No judge is going to give it to her because that's not their contract/agreement.

We're not talking about any court of law; just basic family generosity. But of course, the OP has no right to ask for more than $1000.

learn to count cards, then gamble against them to win it back. or just kill them, that might be easier.

That0therguy 4

I'll go with the third one. Which is still not an option.


well how much money did they win?

ukrage 1

Its easy to count cards. The rainman did it and he was a ratard

Kindly remind them that "you" gave them money for "debt"! Gambling in Vegas doesn't seem to be much of a debt! However, the next time they have debt, and they ask for money, kindly remind them that you don't give money for Vegas vacations!

22cute 17

This is stupid. If they had lost your money in Vagas you wouldn't expect part of the loss to be yours.

cptmorgan6 8

Haha 34, you're too dumb. Part of the loss would be OP's because it was OP's money. And the least they could do is give OP the original $1000 back.

starryxeyes 2

How do we know that OP's sister even asked for the money? Isn't it possible that OP knew they were in debt and just offered up the money and told them to pay it back whenever they could... considering what they used the money for, I think that scenario IS very possible.

NoNotTheFace 8

You need to consult the WolfPack. They definitely can win you some $$$.

Except herpies that shit will follow u anywhere.

GrammarNazzzzzi 6

16- At least that's better than Herpes

Madden12 6

You lent them the money. You didn't invest it. So how do you deserve a penny more than what you lent? No risk - No reward.

Actually it was his/her money put at risk so in fact he/she deserves all the winnings. The sister and her husband put nothing at risk as it was not their money.

mario3584 0

Yes, lending means that they pay you back

Not to mention it was her money they put at risk. She gave it to them for responsible things. Sure, she isn't owed any of the winnings but she should get her ******* money back.

TheRealHouse 7

Technically ops money was not at risk as it was a loan with no mention to op of gambling therefor if they lost they would still have to pay op back, however they seem like the kind of people that wouldn't pay back the loan if they lost it.

Madden12 6

20 - If you come back, read #107. Common sense isn't so common I guess.

I'm betting that if he sister had said to her "We're in debt. Can you lend me $1000 so I can go gambling in Vegas" then she probably would have declined, so it's a bit hypocritical to start asking for a cut now.

You didn't invest in their business, you lent them the money. They owe you the money they borrowed not part of the profit they made "investing it", no matter how stupid the investment was .

I think it's more 1 of those moral situations in which he was willing to give money right away and his sister will not giv him nything

poorjudgement 26

I disagree. She is greedy for asking for cut. Gee, she is greedy for even thinking about that. 1k is all that she is entitled to.

lmaoatall 6

If the winnings is over 1,100$, the casino files a tax form right there and the winner signs it. A copy is given to them and IRS. The goverment will already know before they file there taxes for the year. If they don't claim it when they file, IRS will go after them. Trust me, I know.

dadof2 4

they would never had won the money further more prob would not have been able to go anyway so yea pay a little extra

I agree. If they were in a lot of debt, they might have felt gambling was the only way to turn the $1,000 they were loaned into enough to cover their debt. If they pay OP back within the agreed upon timeframe, he/she has no legitimate complaint.

dadof2 4

tell them its unreported income subject to taxxes and they need to pay up or mabe the irs finds out ooooppppssss

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