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  Jirekianu2  |  19

I love how everyone is making the OP the asshole when her sister begged the money off her just to gamble it away like an idiot. They just got lucky and won. And a cut of the winnings would be paying back the money they were lent.

  eurostar710  |  11

When they blow the money (which they will) and come crying to you for help again, just tell them to fuck off. Oh. And demand you get your money back right now. And charge intrest.

  dannnngthatsux  |  19

Bull Shit#148, if the money was to pay bills, then it should never have gone to Vegas. If they agreed it was ok to gamble it, then yes it's the winners unless they agreed to give part, but they still owe the $1000.

  Enslaved  |  36

The OP won't win in court. If she lent her family $1000. then that is all she is going to get back, not the /cut/ she "thinks" she deserves. The OP wants extra. No judge is going to give it to her because that's not their contract/agreement.

By  TipOfTheHat  |  10

Kindly remind them that "you" gave them money for "debt"! Gambling in Vegas doesn't seem to be much of a debt! However, the next time they have debt, and they ask for money, kindly remind them that you don't give money for Vegas vacations!

  starryxeyes  |  2

How do we know that OP's sister even asked for the money? Isn't it possible that OP knew they were in debt and just offered up the money and told them to pay it back whenever they could... considering what they used the money for, I think that scenario IS very possible.

  Jirekianu2  |  19

Not to mention it was her money they put at risk. She gave it to them for responsible things. Sure, she isn't owed any of the winnings but she should get her fucking money back.

  TheRealHouse  |  7

Technically ops money was not at risk as it was a loan with no mention to op of gambling therefor if they lost they would still have to pay op back, however they seem like the kind of people that wouldn't pay back the loan if they lost it.

  HomeAl0ne  |  20

I'm betting that if he sister had said to her "We're in debt. Can you lend me $1000 so I can go gambling in Vegas" then she probably would have declined, so it's a bit hypocritical to start asking for a cut now.

By  mack_the_knife  |  3

You didn't invest in their business, you lent them the money.
They owe you the money they borrowed not part of the profit they made "investing it", no matter how stupid the investment was .

  lmaoatall  |  6

If the winnings is over 1,100$, the casino files a tax form right there and the winner signs it. A copy is given to them and IRS. The goverment will already know before they file there taxes for the year. If they don't claim it when they file, IRS will go after them. Trust me, I know.

  ImaginaryFoe  |  0

I agree. If they were in a lot of debt, they might have felt gambling was the only way to turn the $1,000 they were loaned into enough to cover their debt.

If they pay OP back within the agreed upon timeframe, he/she has no legitimate complaint.