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Today, I pulled over to help an attractive girl on the highway in the middle of nowhere. When I asked if she needed help she told me she was going to try starting her car one more time. She then started to make fake engine noises and told me that she was good to go and that I should be on my way. FML
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LOL. fake engine noises? what a retard.

she may have had someone coming. You can't just trust every stranger's intentions. no need to hope the worst for 'er because she didn't want a stranger's services.


LOL. fake engine noises? what a retard.

Sorry OP but i can see straight through you, like a invisible mirror. Its obvious that you only wanted to help her to have sex with her because she was attractive. Otherwise you wouldnt put she was attractive and just genuinely said you was helping a women... but noooo she was attractive ofcourse. Would you of helped her if she looked like a goblin?!?! Noo you wouldnt and unfortunately she didnt think you was attractive so you got rejected All in all YDI and this is officialy the seconed comment... Dont argue about this, guys can hate on me and girls can go back into the kitchen and make me up a big gravvvvy sammich.

Maybe her attractiveness did contribute somewhat to the OP deciding to help, and maybe he did hope something would happen, but that doesn't cancel out any actual desire he had just to be helpful. And it's not like he was planning to rape her if she rejected any advances... it is possible to find someone attractive and still be altruistic, y'know.

Like an invisible mirror... You, my friend, are a ******* retard.

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I think Pleb is Pimpin88 reincarnated amirite

Well, I can't blame her for being freaked out...It's not like rape hasn't happened before to stranded girls. Maybe he had an over-eager look on his face and it creeped her out...

F the OP's life? No no, F the woman's life. Who drives in the middle of nowhere? I just ate the intersections going to her location! By the way, just because you get help from a guy when your car breaks down doesn't necessarily mean you're going to get raped. Especially if you have high heels. Or if he waits until the next red light. Just bulk it.

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sorry that happened to OP but the girl did the right thing. As a girl/woman never except help from a stranger unless there is no other possibly for help. I would even turn a woman down if my cell still had life or there was a town within a few miles. Her level of attractiveness aside, we women have to be extra extra careful!! And to the idiot who said why was she in the middle of no where, do you really think she picked where her car would crap out? These things aren't planned and not everyone can live in the city. Idiot.

Son of a bitch whats wrong with gay people?!? Ur just a retard who has no life and will probably end up being gay!! Ur a hater and need to stfu!!

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Wow. I hope you were the only one to come along her way for hours. And that her cell was dead. It'd serve her.

she may have had someone coming. You can't just trust every stranger's intentions. no need to hope the worst for 'er because she didn't want a stranger's services.

at first, I thought, " not an fml" but then I realized she just wanted to avoid you. that sucks, man

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This is a joke I heard about 3 years ago. This isn't even a real event. Give me a break dude.

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And this made it? But my hilarious real life stuff doesnt?!

Well even if it was real, just think man, all alone in the middle of nowhere some guy comes to help you and you don't know him so he might as well be a creep who wants to knock you out and take you to his home to never be seen again. Some girls think that way and I would doubt you too in such situation but she would be stuck for hours if you would leave and who knows maybe a real creep would come along and I don't expect you to look like you're sucha scary guy, she shouldv'e let you help her. FYL

You can't really always judge a person by their appearance. For all you know, a normally scraggy looking person might have decided to get a haircut and put on a nice suit and tie, and then noticed a lady on the side of the road. Does his new appearance mean he's suddenly a good person to trust? Just for the record, I've heard most pedos that grab kids are actually clean shaven, respectful looking people. Not those generic bearded mulleted people with the creepy glasses.

Don't you now men aren't supposed to approach women who are alone? Just like we can talk to kids in public, because we are all rapists.

I agree that pedophile panic is getting over the top, but women DO have to live with this fear. Not only that but it's beaten into us (not literally, usually) all our lives that there is behaviour we HAVE to follow to not get raped, and if it fails and we do get raped, people will pick apart exactly what happened so they can hold things up and say "it's her fault because she did this". Added to that, if a woman is out somewhere, if a guy hits on her and she says no, he often won't listen to her and frequently she'll get called a bitch for being so cold... but she has to magically know the line between "harmless flirting" and "I'm seriously going to attack you now". Because if she gets raped by a guy who's been pestering her all night, it's her fault for not expecting it. Everyone hears the statistic that one in three women will be sexually assaulted, but few people think about the corollary - if each hypothetical rapist attacks ten women, that means that one in thirty men is a rapist. And no, not everyone holds these opinions, but enough people do. Some people will even tell themselves they don't, until they actually find out about a rape and start thinking them anyway.

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wahahahahahaha!! u must have been scary looking or she was just waiting to be rescued by a really hot dude. lol. nice try tho on helping someone out!