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Today, like every day since my birth, my name is Spreme. Yeah, you probably have trouble pronouncing it correctly too. FML
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On the brightside, Atleast theres not like 5 other people in your class that has the same name as you!


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I also know a kid named: "myurine". Yeah, he's bot very popular...

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My friend has a nephew named Phoenix. He's going to have a nickname he's not going to like in high school.

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I know a girl named Gelnard destroyer of worlds. (minus that last part).

36 - Phoenix is an awesome name, especially when talking about a penis. It keeps getting back up,,

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Now what's really awkward is a chubby white kid having the name Lebron.

**** thats awesome, just one lettet off supreme.

There's a difference in being "unique" and having parents with I-Can't-Name-Children-For-Shit Syndrome.

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Could be worse. I know a lot of Mexican families and I know a few Harry dicks, and I also know a girl named anita dick. Parents must hate their kids to do that.

My mother had a student named Yuri...which would be fine if it were an eastern European male. Nope, white girl (who pronounced it "Judy")

And you never know there might be a reason your parents named you that. Might be a special place or person. Ask them about it. My name is Ammar and that was the name of the mosque my parents were married at.

Hey, it's not that bad. My name is Zeiva. Its pronounced zay-va, but everyone says it zeeva, thanks to NCIS. Doesn't help that I look kinda like her, too..

Spreme is third person Italian for to squeeze or to press. It could be a lot worse though my names Freya (not too bad but I have had people spell it therieyja) and I know someone whose parents didn't think before calling him Richard head

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99- Not a bad thing. Zeeva's a badass!

Yeah, and my name is jehisel . have you ever heard of that one?

Hay i get what you people mean... There's a difference between "UNIQUE" and "HOW DA **** DO I SAY THIS?!" my names Talya. Its not that unique, but I've never met anyone with it so...

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My names Kaily (kay-lee) I've never met anyone with the same spelling. -.-"

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My name's Nailah, pronounced ny-EE-luh. I've been called nail-uh, ny-luh, nala, and even Nautica. -___- But you gotta love unique names. There's almost always some kind of cool story behind them, right?

TRUE, in Tampa Florida, and many, many people know him. The guy's name is Richard Ake (ache). Why in the hell do parents do this?

99, it might not be "relevant," but it's spelled Ziva. It's been bothering me.

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My mom named me Raigan. Doesn't seem like that difficult of a name right? Pronounced just like Ronald Reagan. But nope. I've been called Ree-gan, Megan (by my own grandmother), and the most far-off...Rhonda. -___-

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my seventh grade science teacher was named Richard Long. It also didn't help that he was fairly short and bald. lol

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My name's Autumn. People spell it Autum, or pronounced Awh-tumm-nuhh. It pisses me off, sometimes called January, Amber, Winter, etc. And sometimes they do it on purpose. I mean, Holy CRAP. It's so annoying. Atleast my mom chose that over Umbrella. (I would like that one, though.)

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When I read it the first time I thought it said Supreme.

my name is erin, but i had a doctor that said "urin" like errr-in. my sister calls me urine sometimes because of that >.>

My name is Dusti, I'm a girl too, I like it except when people spell it with a y, I've only met 1 other girl with the name Dusti.

My dad is a professor and he has a student named ********. It's pronounced as shi theed though. So consider yourself lucky.

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Dont worry your name is government teacher's name was Harry Weiner.

I don't get the "mexican families" part..

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Oh yeah! My name is Josh! Pronounce that! Hahaha

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My name is Zara, I have heard of a few other people with my name, but I have never met anyone with it.... Some people pronounce it Zera and it used to bother me but not so much anymore...

209- Not to be creepy but, my teacher told me that story.

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I feel your pain. My name is Aylin. It's pronounced like Eileen though. But everyone always says it like A-lun or A-lin or Allan. And because of the spelling, people have given me the nickname Alien. One friend even turned Alien into Aliena so now I have a completely new name along with my own. It can get irritating but now I just go with it. :)

Yeah, my sister's name is Regan. (RAY-gan) she often gets confused as "Reegan." My name is Kaylin, often confused as Kaitlyn. Spreme, however, is a pretty badass name :)

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36, my name is Phoenix, and no one has ever called me penis.

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no way, how is that possibly Judy. but i guess if that was my name i'd probably pretend it was something else too.

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Since we're all sharing... You wouldn't think Katharine would be too difficult, but you'd be surprised. I've heard Kathleen, Kath-Renée, Katalina, Kat-harang... And no one has ever spelled it right. Everyone puts Katherine. It's even on my paychecks. -_-

Yeah, this whole threads has just been a bunch of mostly difficult names to pronounce, I feel as though I should join in, so here goes nothing: My names iliketurrdles, pronounced I-like-turrtles. True story.

My name is Keri, I'm so very, fly oh my it's a lil bit scary...

249- Penis? I meant he'd be called Fetus.

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My name's Madison. When people call me out in a crowd, about 7 other girls (and occasionally a guy) turns to who said it. Last year I had my locker next to a quite popular Madi. Someone would say Madi and I would react only to get, "Oh... Not you." On average I have about 1-3 other Madi's in all of my classes.

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274- Speaking of Jessica... I have geometry with two Jessica R. Smith's who are blonde, blue-eyed, and in the 10th grade. I've never personally experienced that but I'm sure our situation feels like nothing compared to theirs:P

My name is Victoria and people have managed to call me Virginia.. Alot

My names Hallie, with a short a, and I always get "hayley." it makes me feel even worse because I changed my name, so it's kinda my fault, but it gets sooo annoying.

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My name is Danny. It's SO common. A popular girl in ,my grade was named Dani, and every time girls called her name I'd turn around and it'd be awkward. My guitar teacher is Danny. My bassist is Danny. TWO of my history teachers in high school were Danny. True, I once was in an English class where there were 5 Dannys. We'd always do group projects together, because we made up a quarter of the class. Grass is always greener, eh?

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My middle school teacher's name was Richard Seemann. I didn't realize it until I entered high school.

There's a difference between a unique name and a crappy name. My name is Mallory. Unique (I've only met a few others) but it's easy to pronounce. People usually spell it wrong, though. (Malerie or Malorie usually).

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My name is Zakkary. You don't know how many people pronounce it "Zakk"

251- in Latin names (most of the time) the y is pronounced as a j & the r makes a d sound.

Well my LAST name is Handcock. Its Irish. Most people dropped the letter d so it says Hancock but my family didn't

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No way in hell is Yuri pronounced Judy.

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At 209 and 240 I had a teacher tell me that same story too! Anyways I know a girl who's name is Lady.

My sister's name is Gaelyn, pronounced "gay-len", but everyone pronounces it "gee-leen". I've never met any woman with the same name, and never seen any man with the same spelling. She gets teased sometimes for the "Gae" section of her name.

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Hey you have your own clothing brand. Consider a lucky one

176- how do people not know how to spell/pronounce autumn, it happens once a year so it can't be that difficult to remember.

I know it's not my first name, but my middle name is 'Delysia'. I've been called 'Del-eye-za' 'Del-ee-sa' and even 'Del-ee-zee-ah' with an extra 'ah' haha. In actual fact it's pronounced 'Del-ee-see-a' and I love how unique it is. My first and last name are so common so I love having a bit of originality :D

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My last names Seemann,(its german) and lots of people pronounce it semen on purpose. no biggy

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My last names Seemann,(its german) and lots of people pronounce it semen on purpose. no biggy

I know she can't be white if her name is pronounced judy. That's the Spanish pronunciation.

I know someone named Yuri. It's pronounced Judy because in Spanish the Y's make a J sound and the R's make a D sound.

I'm just gonna say this. My name is Karolina Kazlauskaite. Care-oh-LYNN-uh Kuz-low-skuy-teh. Yeah.

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My name's Mona. I for one actually like my name, except when people find the joke of: "Mona!" "yeah?" "Lisaaa!" Funny -.-

I like my name, my 4th grade teacher called me Rusty for some reason -_- it was very strange

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My name is Dannyssa. :D people pronounce it wrong,but it makes me glad that it's unique.

I work with a lady whose legal name is sprinkles. She goes by a different name though.

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I know someone named Dick Meitz o_o

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Nope Japanese my name is ollallie (aw-law-lie)

I call my sister that too. My name rhymes with far too many stupid words so it's an even battle.

There's a lady at my job named Shirley Hadcock.

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340- i know you said not to, but that pika-cat is so damn adorable. Relating to the subject, my name's brennan. Gets pronounced wrong all the time

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My name is Muslim and I've never met anyone with the same name. If someone came come up with anything better 'hey Muslim are you really Muslim?' it'll be the first new joke I've heard in like 10 years.

K mines beast- Im naomi-dont say it backwards My friends names are zariah, halima, micaela, zacari, malique, imani, abcde ( prenounced ab-sid-dee), and i know a girl named stacy wacker.... Yes ik stacy wacker isnt bad.... Her dads name is richard and everyone calls him dick.... Hey Dick Wacker!!!

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268, I had the same problem in school with the name Megan. For the most part they were spelled differently but there's soooo many Megan's around

Ha I got it right as I read it, my buddy's last name is leiva n pronounced the same....haha his nick name I ironically nico XD

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the store manager where I work is named Chris P Dick. there's also a teacher at my school named Harry Sachs. he doesn't actually go by Harry, but its still funny. and btw, Yuri is an eastern European boys name, but it's also a Japanese girls name, but it's still not pronounced Judy...

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My name is Kaylynn Everyone spells it Kaylin And im called Kaitlyn some times -__-

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So many unique names all up in here…

My name is Leah, and EVERYONE pronounces it lee-ah, but it's actually lay-ay. So I really have 2 names, leeah for all the teachers that don't understand that's not my name, and layah for friends and family >.

I have a really easy name; its Bailey, and people still can't get it right! In seventh grade my homeroom teacher called me Bradley (I'm a girl) and he could never pronounce it right.

#132 for jehizel man. Jk I'm not a hippie

My teacher's brother's name is Gorgeous. His parents wanted to name him after his grandpa George, but thought George was too old fashioned. So they named him Gorgeous

yeah I have trouble with people messing up my name. it's Arya. (Ah-reye-yuh) yup... They like to say Areeea or ar-ia. or even names that doesn't sound like mine at all.

On the brightside, Atleast theres not like 5 other people in your class that has the same name as you!

yea and I'm sure that 100 others from your class have the same look as unique

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People pronounce my name wrong ALL THE TIME. Chantal.

Sounds like sperm..most likely not a coincidence.

I had a sub named Mr. Wiener, his descendants will have that last name too... OP, never go into the teaching business, just a little tip.

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154; I understand. My name is Arianna, I have to explain to everyone that it's like air and Rhianna put together. It was my parents fault though...they like one spelling and another pronunciation and everyone thinks there's an invisible 'd' in my name. :/

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167- You must have had a horrible childhood i mean arianna what a difficult name to pronounce.

I don't get where the invisible d would go I've never met someone called arrianna but it's obvious how it should be pronounced

Adrianna. No, it's pretty easy to say that.

I kinda wish she would have wrote out how to actually pronounce her name... The mystery is killing me!

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your names not that difficult. I don't know how someone could say it wrong!

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In her defence, I prounounced it AH-ree-ahna. But yeah, that name is TOTALLY comparable to Spreme, ********, Abcde, Matress... FYL, Ariana.

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I was thinking the same thing..spelling sure can be deceiving lol

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#184 she means Adrianna I think.

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my names chantel too lol, my name is always mispronounced, its annoying! bye love the pic, I love lady gaga, I met her before :D

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btw that was meant for #154 :$

167- that's weird.. I know about 7 arianna's and none of them have had name pronunciation troubles. And one is even spelled like Aireannah.

I had a Spanish class on high school with 5 other people with my name, all spelled different though and none spelled like mine so I guess it's a little unique :)

When I was little no one had my name; they called me Elizabeth instead since it was "easier". Now my name has been #1 in the US for two years and a kindergarten class can have 5 Isabellas at one time. :/

Someone in my class' name is Arpit, so he understands your pain. You have to be extra careful when pronouncing unique names like yours. :)

Knew one named mister melom, he was mister melon head

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Dont worry OP I bet the bitches love your name (BTW I almost never call people bitches so stop bitching bitch)

Thumbs up if you said it out loud to yourself

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That sucks but does anybody else have an ad pop up everytime you opeb fml app because that really sucks

YES! it's for the stupid 'bakery story' app right?

Yes, goddamn it. I propose we rate 1 star until it's removed (or fixed).

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Yeah the damn bakery story, **** that life..... Great game though...... Lol

SilverInGray 25

And you have to wait a moment to get out of it, too.

That's nothing I know a girl named gonorrhea

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I know a guy named Hairy Pitts and a kid named Shi Thead (********).

I would this it's pronounced 'spreem' o.o

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lol me to but then i read it again I think it spree-me


I pronounced that way too. Wish I had a unique name

Haha I thought it was surpreme also! But then I read it again..... :/

Hey, I know a kid named "maboob". Be thankful.

i know one named Manchild, op should feel blessed lol

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I know somebody with the last name Horney lol.

rawrautumnz 7

People think my last name is Semen. Damn pronunciation issues.

Haha like, what are parents thinking when they sign that birth certificate? "Ah! Maboob! what a nice name!" Yeah ma', he won't be made fun of at all...

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"I have a friend I would like you to meet--Maboob." o.O

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I know someone who's name is literally spelled ******** (pronounced shit eed

I'm pretty sure that's an Arabic or Indian name.

I'm friends with some Indians. Sanskrit names can be pretty difficult to pronounce. I know a Snighda. Looks weird, but not too difficult. Then I know a Shakambhari. She however goes by SJ, haha.

i know someone named fuckineedaweirdnamesaggytits hard to pronounce.. i know

I know this german kid named Farkard. People at my school pronounce it **** hard.

This guy I went to high with his last name is "Hickey".

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Wow some people's names are quite odd. While we're Sharing weird names, I know someone named L

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Yeah well my names McKenzie.... No one pronounces it incorrectly.... They just spell it incorrectly. Some people are naturally just idiots

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Could be worse, you're name could be french for 'Penis'

I know a guy who's name is Pee Nisch. Does that count too?

A guy in my friends school is called will barrow

OP's from France. I don't think his parents would name him penis in his own language. Haha

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penis in french is 'pénis', pronounced as 'pay knee'.

OP's from France, and I thought they had laws there against giving your kid a weird name? At least, that's something that comes up in the U.S. when people here give their children an unfortunate name. "If this were France, or Germany, you wouldn't be allowed to name your kid that. They have laws."

My last name is ware... My grandpa spend months trying to get my mother to name me china.

@133 indeed, there is a law against that and that is why I think that OP's talking about his last name, and not his surname as everyone think. Actually I'm pretty sure it's his last name. @107 "pénis" is not pronounced 'pay knee", the final "s" is pronounced like in "kiss". Also with the French pronunciation, French people will automatically think "Sperme" (and not supreme) or mispelled it. Awkward...

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In India there are names like 'akshat', 'dakshat', 'dakshit' , 'akshan' I've also met a guy whose last name was 'dixit'. Now that's badass....