By H05T1L3 - 04/06/2010 23:58 - United States

Today, I woke up at 10:30 feeling great and saying to myself, "Thank goodness it's the weekend!" I then realized it's Friday and I missed my final. FML
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lol way to **** yourself over.

H05T1L3 5

it sucks i had stright A's until this :/ and why is this not showing up in my profile say it got submitted?


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They are not a sped. Get over yourself.

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@7 W-O-W lol but thats sweet. i hate when guys tell me im hot or sexy cuz i just say thx. but if a guy calls me beautiful i say thank you! :)

if you where dumb enough to miss your final; you probably wouldn't have passed them in the first place:) juss sayin

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Actually I was aiming at #1. lol.

lol Sean looks like your cats ready for you hahah

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@22 yeah i know that. i was just telling my own story

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oh well hope u were doing fine in class or u just failed

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ha YDI for being an idiot. Try to look at a calender

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agreed #1 is gorgeous and at least it's still the weekend

1 and 71 are beautiful. And, it's called an alarm? Maybe?

I was exempt from all my finals except Latin :)

oh well, you missed your final. you can always get a job flipping burgers for the rest of your life.

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38 dont worry.. his gay lol

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Wow, seriously? That's why i'm so nervous around exam time, I set my alarm earlyyy to make sure i'm up way ahead of time so I don't miss it. I sincerely hope you were doing good in that class and can still pass even though you failed your final :/

knibbsy 4

I've missed a couple finals and still managed great, I'm in grad school now. If you have to take one for the team and blow the professor, then I suggest you do that sooner than later. To pjmanso, you need to cut down on the FMLs before finals week and do something productive like freshmen girls. Partying is great before the end of the semester. Trust me on this and stick with freshmen chicks, they aren't as easy as sophs/upperclassmen. Giggity.

knibbsy 4

^^ *they're much easier than sophs/upperclassmen*

op if only you were smarter than a bag of doorknobs then would it make sense for you to post on fml

awww thank you ;) and to the guys up there^^

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number one is off of Google and if you look closely there's à link on thee bottom .

That's not #1's real picture. Damn new people.

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#1 can you please just stop talking you are so freaking annoying and that isn't even you in the pic

Yeah, 22's into those losers that look like him. The degradation of white society, your either a wigger, hardworker, or an emotional loser.

stfu. you guys are lonely fags for flirting on fml

14-i think you're trying to get ppl to call you pretty

um of course it has a link dumbfuck I'm the one who put it there..and its not on google open up ur eyes

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omfg Dino do u think we are stupid ?

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What sucks is bringing your dog to the vet when suddenly a homeless man attacks you with a condom full of pennies and steals your dog, which he then eats and gives tha ks to the hobo god. Then you go home and find out that someone broke into your house and stole your tv. And then clogged your toilet.

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I will never give change to homeless guys again

omg I'm finaly first!! yeshhh! :] <3 wtf is anti flood..? idk wat it is :(

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lol way to **** yourself over.

wow. I feel sorry for you, but like, you kinda deserve it.

I did something sort of like that once. It sucks, but it's a bit funny.

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How can someone say you're not retaurted?

it helps to spell "retarded" correctly. -_-

thank you number 7 :) hmmm I like emo boys<3 ur sexi urself:)