By KPKallery - 05/06/2009 05:25 - United States

Today, I was babysitting. I was sitting on the sofa when I felt that I need to ajust my sitting arangment. After moving, I felt a small toy snap under me. The little boy said it was fine. One hour later he snuck up on me and beat me with an umbrella for breaking his toy. FML
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"It's fine... I'll just kill you later."


adjust* seating* arrangement* idiot.... >.<

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wow, demon child much?

mygiraffe 1

kids these days...

Don't you just love children? I did this to when I was four to my babysitter when she snapped my Barbie in half.

And how exactly did she manage to SNAP your barbie in half?

Your a pretty bad babysitter if you let some kid beat you with an umbrella. Lol'd.

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Haha! Kid: 1 You: 0 This is unrelated but i've been curious for a while. What does OP mean? If someone could tell me, Thanks =D

OP = original poster

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Ogre Penis

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Thx I was wondering but no one would tell me :3

Oh god that is an awesome fucking kid. He's probably going to grow up to be a great hitman/fighter someday.

Haha that's brilliant. And OP stands for Original Poster :)

"It's fine... I'll just kill you later."