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Today, at age 27, I went to pick up the girl I like for my first ever date. Her brother answered the door with a baseball bat, said the date was off and threatened to smash my kneecaps to pieces if I ever came back. FML
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Someone is a bit over protective. You two are adults, too bad the brother can't act like one and let his sister have a good time.


Geckosrock99 33

Someone is a bit over protective. You two are adults, too bad the brother can't act like one and let his sister have a good time.

Maybe she isn't an adult and that's the problem...

Unlikely since OP himself is 27 years old.

#28 might be likely. I had plenty of friends in high school who dated guys well into their 20s.

#37: "20s" or just 20? If a 17yo was dating a 20yo, that's less weird than a 17yo with a 25-29yo.

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I wouldn't even know what to say about that

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oh and I meant if I was that guy and that happened to me I would be rather speechless so yeah

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I know what sarcasm is I just thought maybe my original comment didn't make sense. but whatever lmao!! :^)

Actually I don't think you should have been downvoted. I think that is an appropriate reaction for such behaviour. Does anyone else see this as a bit of a red flag in terms of maybe the brother is being abusive? If a bf did that to a male friend it would be a huge warning sign, so why isn't a brother stopping his sister dating seen as a controlling and abusive thing?

Maybe OPs date had second thoughts and wanted to back out of the date and chose the worst way possible of doing so.

Dang. Sorry to hear that. Keep your chin up, I am sure you'll have your first real date soon.

Maybe just reach out to her again? Unless she asked her brother to do that, I'm sure she could meet you somewhere for the date.

What is it with dads and brothers trying to control their daughters/sisters life

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@7 My dad once told me that no man would ever be good enough for me. I looked him straight in the eyes and said, "That's not for you to decide."

no idea. i was lucky enough to have a great dad. he encouraged me to ask the guy I liked in high school out on a date. he told me that he would trust my choice until the boy proved otherwise.

Not all of them. My brother is pretty, "**** you, I don't give a shit. I hope you go kill yourself."

So you live in Kentucky. Or the southern version of Kentucky. Psh... Arizona.

Yeah, I'm in kentucky. When I met my girlfriends parents for the first time, all I got were a couple sentences spoken to me and death glares.

for all we know, she could be 14.... let's not all jump to conclusions

Doesn't matter. The dude's a cockmunch, regardless of age. Even if he were five years old, he'd still be a little cockmunch.

Actually the age does matter, if the girl was 14 then OP would be potentially committing a crime, and I could understand the brother's reaction :)