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Today, I had a heart attack. At the hospital, the doctor compared my heart to a stressed out 60 year-old's heart. I'm 17 and I don't even have a job yet. FML
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Hope you're feeling better - stress can come from many different things, doesn't have to be financially related. Could be an over worked body


Hope you're feeling better - stress can come from many different things, doesn't have to be financially related. Could be an over worked body

More like a Lifestyle OVERHAUL. Honestly, if you're 17 but have the stressed heart of someone in their 60s…you REALLY should seek professional help/therapy in dealing with your stress

Not necessarily just stress. Could be diet / weight / insufficient exercise, etc.

It could be something beyond their control, like a genetic condition. I feel like it must be pretty difficult to **** your heart up that badly by 17.

I can assure you that the events surrounding the cardiac event that took place was in no way related to stress, diet nor high blood pressure, as people have suggested. At 17, there are only a few things that can cause an actual heart attack like event (I would prefer the term cardiac event because the doctor may have called it a heart attack to the patient to put it into more understandable jargon). Firstly, we would be concerned with a genetic cardiomyopathy, such as hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (also because this is the most deadly) and thus would do an echo. Secondly, we would look into arrhythmias to try and identify underlying electric abnormalities. Third, and less likely, would be investigating how the coronary artery system works via a coronary angiogram to look for such things as anomolous return, abberant vessel placement, missing vessels, etc. Most importantly and definitely something not worth just glossing over, the most common cause of a heart attack in a 17 year old teenager would be cocaine abuse. Cocaine causes extreme vasoconstriction, thus reducing blood supply to an already oxygen deprived heart due to the already increased oxygen demand by the excessively beating (high heart rate) heart.

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That's okay. It was for people with intelligence anyway, so you're forgiven.

He had a heart attack at 17, there's no way that that is called by stress and his lifestyle. He obviously has a serious medical condition. To suggest he changes his diet, or lifestyle is in no way helpful.

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And a prescription of chill pills

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Do you have blood pressure problems? I'm otherwise healthy (not overweight and have normal to low cholesterol), but I ended up in the ER once as high risk for heart attack or stroke because of my blood pressure. I hope you're recovering well, and whatever underlying health issue is treatable.

You should think about your diet or what may or may not be stressing you in your life. Even the smallest of things can really affect your health

The affects if the American school system everyone

That awkward moment when you realize the FML originated in France...

To be fair the late years of the French education system are humongously stressful

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Take a moment to evaluate why your comment was so dumb.

Have you been tested for heart conditions? Some you could've had since birth, but nothing manifested until after puberty.

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To everyone assuming OP is overweight or lives a generally unhealthy lifestyle, there can be underlying health issues. There are always the stories of high school and college athletes having heart attacks during games due to congenital heart defects or something like marfan syndrome.

Could also be a poor diet, little exercise, drugs, steroids, etc.

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Looks like you need a vacation, how about making of list of everything/everyone that causes you problems and erase them from your life.

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I know how you feel my friend. I'm 17 and have heart issues and they're related to stress. I'm guessing your's are too. Take things a bit less serious, take breaks as needed and also make time to exercise/get outside and some fresh air daily or every few days. It helps a lot and has helped me significantly.