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Today, I took my girlfriend out to a fancy restaurant for her birthday. I'd arranged beforehand for some of the staff to come out and sing happy birthday to her, but it all backfired when she started panicking and had a serious anxiety attack from all the attention. FML
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christge1beast 17

At least you did something special for her birthday. Sorry it had to go wrong.

Obviously she knew it was for her birthday, don't you think?


Wooah that sucks, hope she realized what it was all for after that incident

Obviously she knew it was for her birthday, don't you think?

Does anyone actually understand #1's comment, or did they just type a string of meaningless words in a frenzied panic to achieve the first comment?

Shelly_Kelly 6

ugh she's so ungrateful. I'm so sorry OP :( if I were her I would make it up to u by giving you a night to remember. that is so rude. ugh

You can't exactly control your anxiety attacks, it wasn't her fault.

OP, It was a kind gesture gone wrong, but nothing to get upset over. At least now you know a little something else about her. Next year, maybe a homemade dinner and a movie on the couch? :)

@69 are you really that stupid? You think people have panic attacks to be rude?

Actually, I do. When you're in the midst of a panic attack, you don't always have the ability to process what's going on around you. Which means your mind likely tunes stuff out. Trust me, I've been through panic attacks.

jman26 11

Smooth move? Really? It was for her birthday for crying out loud!

F off #2 Probably jealous nobody has ever gone through that much trouble for you. His heart was in the right place. It was a nice thing to do. He couldn't have known she would have an anxiety attack from all the attention.

How does he Not know she has anxiety issues? People prone to panic attacks usually know. My s.o. Is well aware of my limits with my own issues and if I cross them it is because I am choosing to take the step out of my comfort zone.

Ever thought maybe she doesn't always have that issue? Or maybe she hasn't told him yet because she's embarrassed? Or thought he had few enough people that she would be ok with it?

Jeez...#2 was being sarcastic. You don't have to be English to work that one out.

Explain how that's sarcastic what so ever?

Since they're a couple, it's likely he knows about her anxiety issues. Therefore, it was quite clearly NOT a 'smooth move' to have a crowd of people (that she didn't know) sing her happy birthday. You can't see the sarcasm there?

31, "smooth move" has to be one of the most used sarcastic phrases I've ever heard. It's hard not to get that one. Here, however, it just wasn't all that witty, hence the multitude of down votes.

im with you #2, he obviously doesnt care about her that much if he didnt know that was gonna happen to her

"Happy birthday to you, happy birth..." "Get your ass out from underneath the table it's your damn birthday!"

Well, the literal meaning of the comment is the opposite of the intended meaning this making it sarcastic. You can conceptualize it as irony if it helps**. **this post explains how the comment was sarcastic. Any perception of humour in said comment is entirely subjective and not necessarily the view of this commenter.

christge1beast 17

At least you did something special for her birthday. Sorry it had to go wrong.

Yeah. How could you have known OP? FYL.

No matter how long or how well you've known someone, they can still surprise you.

Seriously though, I have really severe social anxiety and would have done exactly the same thing in OP's girl's position. And because my boyfriend KNOWS me, he knows never to do anything like that to me. This definitely could have been avoided, unless OP just started dating this girl. Then it's just an accident and OP learned never to do something like that to her again.

if you have never experienced/seen anxiety you might not really understand what it is like, maybe he knew he was taking a chance but didn't know how bad it would turn out if she got an attack? I suffers with anxiety but I do think it was a sweet thing he did and feels sorry for both of them

gjikvtj 18

Did she nicely blow out the candles on the cake or spatter all over it?

What? Do you know what happens during an anxiety attack? I doubt she blew out the candles.

gjikvtj 18

I know, I read it differently in my head... one of those comments where you get embarrased and hope that nobody remembers that you were the one who commented that dumb shit a while ago

gjikvtj 18

I'm probably just gonna delete my account anyways, only 2 days in and I can tell I shouldn't be here at all

#61: No, you don't need to delete your account. There's a learning curve here on FML, and even regular popular members get downvoted every once in a while. You shouldn't give up, especially after only two days. You'll get the hang of it eventually. Chin up! :)

gjikvtj 18

Thanks man, I probably wouldnt delete it this site is pretty fun

Pst.. Welshite is one of those "popular" guys. If you give him your soul he'll teach you how to ride a horse.

Btw whatever happened to that one guy perd something. Perdix?

I take it birthday sex is out of the question?

ChristianH39 30

I think birthday Valium would be more appropriate in her case

It was a nice gesture nonetheless. At least now you know more about your girlfriend and what she dislikes.

Wow that must've sucked :/ Next time a romantic dinner alone while looking over a nice view might be better. Hope she had a nice birthday though ^^

At least she knows that you tried to do something nice for her.

xblaine 17

At least you tried, hopefully she can understand that.

im pretty sure most girls dont like a lot of attention on them like that

You are joking right? Most girls I've met get pissed when they aren't getting the attention of everyone aroubd them. Abd before people start calling my sexist or whatever I said MOST not all and that I'm only speaking of ones I've met.

ChristianH39 30

I'm pretty sure that generalizing a group of people is never very intelligent.

Mmm I'd say 3 out of 5 of the girls I know would love the attention... I however would hate it. It all depends on the person and i feel like op should've known she wouldn't like the attention but who knows how long they've been dating? She probably still loved the attempt though

41 I wasn't generalizing. Just speaking from my own experience.

ChristianH39 30

Speaking from your experience, based on the small cross section of people that you have encountered, and forming opinions about that demographic as a whole. Generalizing.

Pft.. Lol omg your joking all girls crave attention but they usually get the wrong attention lmao bc they either dress like ***** or are ***** -_-

Girls like attention the same amount that boys do. We're not a separate species you know.

what i meant by that was dont assume that someone does like public attention on them

kendall123232 3

42 You only know 5 girls? The way you phrased that it sounds like that's what you said. And I thought I kept a small circle.