By Anonymous - 25/06/2016 03:29 - United States - Kansas City

Today, my father-in-law is still introducing me to family friends as his son's girlfriend. I have been married to his son for 5 years, we have a child together and another on the way. FML
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cptncuttlefish 24

Every time he does it, loudly correct him and make him look like an asshole.


Unlikely as it may seem, he might be doing it by mistake. We don't have all the facts.

cptncuttlefish 24

Every time he does it, loudly correct him and make him look like an asshole.

Agreed. Everytime he says that you should say, "Actually, his wife", then shake their hand with a big smile on your face. He'll look like an idiot then..

"This is my son, and this is his girlfri--" "WIFE. I am his WIFE."

Wear your wedding dress whenever you go to the in-laws. You might look completely crazy but at least it'll clear up any misconceptions.

seenoevil818 13

It seems like his whole family was in on this if you were married to him for five years and they're presenting you his gf... His family is ****** up for doing so. Sorry OP, hope you and your kids can have a better life without them now.

I got a "kill your family" vibe from this comment. Anyone else?

mariri9206 32

I didn't get that vibe at all. I got a "cut them out of your lives" vibe, which I think should not happen. It sucks that OP's Father-in-law is doing this but it's hardly a reason to stop communicating with them. I think they just need to sit down and say it's not okay to do that anymore. Cutting a whole side of your family for being introduced as a girlfriend, instead of a wife, is ridiculous and an overreaction. Also, it's entirely possible that the Father-in-law is doing it as a joke. There's not enough information to actually determine if the whole family is involved.

At least he's not referring to you as his "son's friend", I've seen parents do that before!

I've been there. I just got called "his girlfriend" after two years of dating instead of "his friend"

You should announce to your family that you ARE married.

She should announce it to the family's friends. I would hope the family already knows.

And this guy still actually believes he's my husband's biological father....

That's sad op. Have you tried talking with him about it??... And congrats on the child

I doubt it would make a difference. I have been with my husband 12 years, married 10, and his mom still won't pronounce my name correctly. Although, she gets it right for her neighbor with the same name.

KingAdrock 16

You should simply refuse to answer to the mispronounced name. Mom: "X, hello? X, didn't you hear me calling you?" You: "I heard you calling for X. My name is Y. Who's X?"

ironik69 31

My (ex) mother-in-law did the same thing, for about three years, after my husband and I were married.

I'm assuming that she's no longer married to said mother-in-law's child.

Next time say "Ohh no Dad! I married your son many years ago, remember? It was a huge ceremony? Then years later we gave you several grandkids you see EVERY christmas and Thanksgiving? Oh, its really tragic, Dad's memory is really failing. Why, he forgets I'm his daughter in law, he forgets who his son is! We're almost done getting power of attorney, and we picked out a really AFFORDABLE retirement home in Detroit for him. It's tragic, but with his failing memory and dementia, locking him away seems to be the best solution..."