By notnicefools - 29/05/2012 02:51 - United States - San Diego

Today, I went to visit my husband's grave. I was unable to mourn in peace because some teenagers were smoking pot and talking about a government conspiracy "to change the way gravity works" on the next grave over. FML
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Anti666 17

I'm sorry. That's so rude, especially in a cemetery.


Anti666 17

There isn't a bad enough word to describe how disrespectful that is. At least discuss the stupid stuff in a place that doesn't have people mourning losses of loved ones.

caplox 6

And it was memorial day too..

curlyfry33 8

Lol did anyone else notice the person who said "That's ******* horrible" has the name of anti-666? Irony

beccaishereyay 11
unknown_user5566 26

Definitely horrible. I have a hard time wrapping my head around the insensitivity and stupidity of some people around my age. I barely feel comfortable talking at a grave site in fear of disrupting people around me, let alone smoking weed and discussing conspiracy theories. FYL, OP. I hope next time you try to honor your late husband, you get to do so in peace.

FMLshark 12

35: Because being anti-666 apparently means you are anti-Satan, it being a Satanic number, and we all know only Satanists say things like "*******". So much for that ******* "irony".

beccaishereyay 11

Haha I'm sorry you got thumbed down for being sarcastic. I thought it was funny. And OP, For all anyone knows they could've been at a good friend or family members grave that they used to have stoned conversations with. Usually everyone at a cemetery has a story whether it's obvious or not. Everyone has a different way of dealing with loss. Or they could just be asholes.

unknown_user5566 26

47- Even if that is their own personal way of dealing with loss, it's inappropriate. If they were there to mourn, they should be cognizant of the people around them, and realize that they should be more respectful.

beccaishereyay 11

Cemetery's are a public place. Everyone who has lost someone has a right to be there. If my brother asked me to try and not be sad when he died and maybe even go smoke a blunt with him at his grave, I'll make damn sure that's what I'm gonna do. I didn't say it wasn't disrespectful. I just said everyone has their own story.

unknown_user5566 26

I recognize they are a public place, and that IF those teenagers were there to mourn, they absolutely have a right to be there. However if I lost somebody and knew how badly that hurt, and felt the importance of honoring their life, I wouldn't want to disturb the people around me who were there trying to do the same thing. I wouldn't look down on someone smoking at a friend or family member's grave site if their loved one asked them to. I look down on it when it becomes a disturbance for other people who are trying to grieve.

ninjawatcher 2

Maybe they were on the other side of the grave so they couldn't see/hear her. Not that having a conspiracy conversation in a cemetery is respectful but it could be they just thought they were alone with the person they were mourning.

unknown_user5566 26

59- The conversation wasn't the worst part of this situation, I believe it was the fact that they were smoking weed.

beccaishereyay 11

Well you are very well spoken and I do see your point :)

unknown_user5566 26

Damn them teens. Being stupid and whatnot.

nirvi 3

Ahh.. Teenagers.. Lost cause

I hate how this teen stereotype works. Not all of us are like that. People only point out the bad ones and say all teenagers are shit. Wtf is this.

unknown_user5566 26

36- I agree that blanket stereotypes are ridiculous, however this IS FML, and sarcasm is a frequently used medium of comedy. No need to get worked up.

Think about this FML, except with thirty year olds or older people. It does stop making as much sense, and by the time teenagers grow up anyway, they look back at a dumber version of themselves

dorworters 9

maybe they had no idea it bothered her...? did anyone think of that? maybe she could have said something, and they would have gladly left. stoners are typically very peaceful and non pugnacious

Hey asshole, Just because I'am sixteen doesn't mean I' am a lost cause. I actually have a possible scholarship with the ADF ( work it out yourself, if you can ) and will be doing a gap year in a developing country. What have you done with your life?

Why so insulted? the teenagers shouldn't have done that, I go to cemeteries to mourn for people I don't even know and clear off old headstones. That's what they should've done too instead of getting high

mxnuelh 2

Ignore them, they were flying !

Are you kidding? Please tell me you're just being a bad troll.

Flying high...above the clouds! Until reality hits them like a bag of bricks and they fall and break their necks. Natural selection at work that'd be.

FMLshark 12

I wouldn't be surprised if 3 was one of them.

Come on, guys - looking at his profile, I don't reckon 3 is a native English speaker. Not to mention he put a space between the end of his sentence and the exclamation mark, which you do in French. I think he honestly meant 'high'.

I'm sorry. That's so rude, especially in a cemetery.

Are there loitering rules at cemeteries?

change how gravity works for them and knock them to the ground.

It's ok. I'm not good with physics either, dude.

Yeah, you see, instead of knocking them down, you can knock them up... ...That doesn't really sound right. |the kid|

Or because they're "high", get it? :D

That's just something stupid you could go on without.

Instead, you accidentally got high from second hand, and began discussing your hatred of Twilight and teenagers with him.


That sucks. Report them to someone that works there? Shame on them. Out of the million places they could have gone to be dumb assholes and smoke pot they pick a cemetery. I'm sorry for your loss.

You should be glad you've heard this information! Now you can try and stop this government. Although it sucks that you couldn't mourn for your husband and I'm sorry for your loss.

nirvi 3

Your comment proves that you are a teenager..