By The Bearded Woman - 29/05/2012 04:06 - Canada - Kelowna

Today, I had to teach my younger brother to shave with a regular disposable razor because our dad uses an electric one and I'm the only other person in the family with enough facial hair to know how to use a razor. I probably would have been proud if I wasn't a girl. FML
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Look on the bright side... Nope.... Never mind there isn't one.

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Wow that sucks :/ hairy situation


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I hear the circus is looking for a new bearded lady.

Oo come on now that is not even called for!!

Oh dear god!!! O___O I feel sorry:( I don't think u should shave, try epilating. Painful, but will eventually reduce hair growth

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What girl can post an FML like this one and not see that coming from a mile away? OP deserved it.

#60 - I fail to see how she deserves it? It's not her fault her face has some "extra" facial hair. Making fun of her is definitely not going to help either. Your logic is somewhat strange to me.

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The only funny thing about this comment is something I had on the news the other day. We have the Cajun heartland state fair going on and they were talking about the bearded lady being too old to come out with the rest of the carnival workers.

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*looks at OPs name* Why the hell are all the circus/bearded lady comments getting thumbed down? OP said it herself.

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I don't know why it got thumbed down anyway. I like wisecracks tho, that's just me I guess.

OP probably has a syndrome known as PCOS which causes women to have more body and facial hair like men. Does it mean she's a man in any way? No it does not. She just possibly has a hormone imbalance. Which I have myself. She doesn't make it clear if she has facial hair, it's very possible that she just knows how to shave from being careful and shaving her legs. Don't be quick to assume under the little information given. No need to be rude either.

PCOS only /might/ cause excess hair growth. She has hirsutism if anything. If this is the case then you can get the hair lasered off

#62 no I think #60 is right she shoulda seen it coming. If you don't want rude comments, she shouldn't have posted it and kept it to herself.

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Thank you 127... 62 if you can't understand the logic you may want to go get tested for down syndrome. That is the only way you could be confused.

But isn't that what fml was made for!? To post fml type comments? So technically your wrong cause she shouldn't have seen it coming and it was really rude!!

If it helps, I am only slightly turned on!!

Ugh..this fml could have gone without this comment..

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I really don't see how that would help.

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I thought it was ducking halirious.

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What the hell are you doing to that chicken?!

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The bearded lady needs loving too. It's not fair that the trapeze artists and the strong man get all the attention.

Make quick bucks. Join a circus!

Wait r u saying your not already in it!!? Huston weeee have a problem!!

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Wow that sucks :/ hairy situation

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This one got thumbs up? Congrats, that's hard to do with what you just said

Considering the amount of fail in the above comments, this one was a relief to everyone.

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88- lol I was just a surprised as you were

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i do. my wife shaves me in the shower all the time. face AND balls!

"Shave a man's back and he'll purr like a walrus."

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That's a pretty hairy situation to be in.

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I popped an uncontrollable boner.

if it's that bad, you could get hair removal surgery O.P.

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That costs hundreds of dollars and takes several years for electrolysis. Laser removal also costs a lot, can take several visits to complete, and has a chance (although slim) of leaving permanent scarring. Most women shave their legs, pits and bikini area anyway; what's a few more seconds with a razor? Although bleaching or waxing are better.

The OP is obviously bothered enough to make an FML about her facial hair, so 9s suggestion is a great one. It costs thousands of dollars for a car when one can ride public transportation, if someone wants something bad enough be it for convenience or just because it's something they want to change, the price is irrelevant as the outcome is priceless.

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True, unless you are broke and unemployed.

I never understood how bleaching caught on. Is it better for a woman to have a blonde moustache? Laser hair removal can leave a scar. Depilatories or waxing might be OP's best bet. The hair gets finer over time and you don't have to do it daily. Electrolysis seems like it would be a great investment in yourself. If I had OP's issue, I'd manage to pay for it. Disposable razors and time spent shaving still add up to a cost.

Actually, there's s thing called "silk'n sense epil" which is a hair removal lazer for home use. It's got some great recommondations, though I haven't tried it myself. Costs about 500$. I would say it's worh it if It works...

Look on the bright side... Nope.... Never mind there isn't one.

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True, but then it lasts way longer and it's a lot smoother

And the hair doesn't grow back as thick, dark stubble and you get less hair growing back each time you wax, it's a win win! Also the hair only has to be 2-5mm long to wax and if it's light it shouldn't be noticeable, so yeah.... Wax it OP!

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I wish u did only need 2mm to wax. Sorry, but it's more like 5-6mm...

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In many shopping malls there are ladies that "thread". I get them to thread my eyebrows, and it's completely painless. I'm pretty sure they can do the whole face as well.

Because having your fem-beard removed in the middle of a crowded mall wouldn't be embarrassing at all...

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That's VERY true if it wasn't private, but at my local mall there are private rooms.

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It's not painless..still painful but not as much as waxing

no no for facial hair it doesnt have to be long

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Dont join a circus u grow a beard and show it to a guy u hate and say this is how a man should look like unlike your punk ass

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Aw you are not alone. I was in the same situation. My mom got me into using wax for my face and trust me it's made my life easier. Now I can go for weeks without worrying about plucking etc. Give it a try.

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No this wasnt suppose to be posted here -____-