By Anonymous - 25/8/2020 17:03 - United Kingdom - Bristol

They can't feel you

Today, I went to a funeral with my family. As we were walking on the grass to the burial site, my 5-year-old brother curiously asks, in a not-so-quiet voice, "Sissy, are we walking on dead people?" It was hard to answer his question with so many glaring people. FML
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By  Mooglefox  |  23

I could understand I he was much older, but your bro is in that innocent phase where he will ask questions not realizing how others will react to the question. But I would have told him, in a low voice, that it would be in the area right in front of the gravemakers.

By  oneonta  |  8

Ignore the glares. Those people who would glare at a 5 year old for asking a question are not worth your time or consideration (hardly worth the air they waste!)

By  CRC_101  |  31

I mean, he has a valid point.
Really, I don't know why ANYONE is judging him rather than thinking about how cute childhood ignorance is. He's five. These sorts of statements are going to happen a lot. Don't shush them. This is how he learns about the world.