By boobswerehere - 07/07/2016 07:15 - United States - Reno

Today, I went to visit my best friend at her house. I saw her five-year-old brother playing in the front yard, and as I walked up to the door he shouted, "Boobs are here! Boobs are here!" FML
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That kid needs to watch more Sesame Street and less Family Guy.

At least you're not a guy...


At least you're not a guy...

JMichael 25

what if ?

How dare you assume their gender and the gender of the icon they picked out?!?!

Yeah come on! It's 2016. The female gender icon obviously represents something else.

I sexually identify as a 1997 ford taurus

I have a 97 Mercury tracer, basically the cheap and no-bells and whistles version

get a breast reduction?

Yeah, change your body and have a potentially dangerous and expensive surgery over the word of a five year old kids. What.

whoah easy there triggered Mcgee #34

Woah, edgy #48. Chill out.

are you kidding me?

Hey, twin peaks are better than a bumpy plain.

That kid needs to watch more Sesame Street and less Family Guy.

everyone get your glasses out, I'm using the mind eraser

Have a laugh about it and see if his mom can change his attitude/reaction towards you :).

Do you, by any chance, look like Drake Bell or Josh Peck?

Hopefully he didn't know what the word meant or you best friend told him to say that as a joke!

I've worked with children over 10 years. Typically around 4-5 they find out the words for privates parts, and like to talk about it.

Dodge4x4Ram 46

this is where the photo fml would come in handy

i like the way u think

yes of course...for research

It might help if you show less cleavage...

Nowhere in this FML is cleavage mentioned, but if somebody does something socially unacceptable in response to cleavage, the onus is not on the person with the bearer of boobs to change behavior. Not to mention, as a somewhat straight man myself, I cannot figure it why on earth people are advocating for LESS cleavage! Surely we want MORE!

It would help if the little brat's parents taught him to be respectful of others.

I have a 5 yr old, if mine said that I would laugh like hell because he doesn't think in sexual terms. I'd definetly talk to him about why we don't say things like that but children that age seldom mean things the way we interpret them.

Yes, because you can only tell someone has boobs if they have a low cut top.

Was he wrong though?