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By Timv86 - 16/02/2010 08:18 - Australia

Today, I went to the shops with my little sister. We had to walk through the lingerie section of the store to get to another part. My sister then yelled at the top of her voice, "Stop following me, you freak." I had security escort me out of the store, and got many dirty looks. She thought it was hilarious. FML
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I guess she will be walking home

That sort of thing has happened to me on more than one occasion. FYL


yay I got first

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Again, you can stick a cucumber covered in fire ants in her ****** as revenge.. Don't forget the camcorder!

ROFLMFAO, I'm sorry, this is just too good. Funny as sister you got there >;D

ya 34 I doubt why would u do that to a girl? but op your sis' is freaking funny

Suddenly, I have to wonder what happens if you apply cyanoacrylate glue to the bottom end of a cucumber and shove it in a ******. Would it look like a raging boner from the outside?

34 you have some very evil and disturbing thoughts and op... that is why you don't take shortcuts and walk around certain sections. and don't even try to say it was the only way.

your sister does alot of crazy things to you, doesn't she? [:

hahaa is she hot? she has an awesome sense of humour

leave her there. just get in the car and drive home. you instantly win. and if you took separate cars, dump on hers hood.

Reyo 2

Just what I was thinking 141. "HAHA YOU LOSER THAT WAS HILA-wait where'd you go..."

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That's ******* sick! why would you even think of that? even if it is revenge...

weaverr 4

that would hurt like hell, lmfao

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that's sooo funny:) sorry dude!!

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Sounds like something my sister would do. Smack her when u get home.

take a dump on her when she us sleeping. that's what I do to keep my girl in line

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@ 34 Averizzle, you're going to hell, man

Don't forget the_! Aww, you remembered! :D

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I think that's almost incest. Sticking anything in your SISTER'S vag is.

Averizzle: YOU ARE DISGUSTING. you gross, immature asshole. How old are you? Twelve? And do you, by any chance, have alcoholic/drug abusing parents? Maybe you live in a bad part of town? I mean, something's got to be wrong with you...

YDI for being around to protect her from ACTUAL creeps.. I hope you learnt your lesson.. Now, you gotta let her learn hers.. but that could take a while.. In the meantime, #141's plan is sounding nice..

roflolcopter I would stick a DVD player I her ****** I've done it great revenge

WTF?! just .... WTF?!

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Op; Ha! Let's see who's laughing now! >:) *drives away as sister is coming out of store* sister; >:( *phone* MOM!!!!! Op; -_- ****. Get in. Sister always wins. :D

Shut up you spaz. He obviously wasn't serious.

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haha^ and op, thats hilarious! thats something I would do.

In today's society, be lucky you weren't hauled away to spend the night in jail (at least).

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Haha, true.

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in my home country you would be stoned to death for your insolence, or maybe harpooned...depends on the weather really

The harpooning is when it rains, I assume?

r u from Canada?

In Canada, we just put you in a cage with out pet moose (I'm actually Canadian so no hatin)

That sort of thing has happened to me on more than one occasion. FYL

I've never felt better to be an only child

true, I'd get revenge on her somehow, like stashing a bunch of ****** in a place the mother would look, so she looks like a sex addicted freak

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rofl. ^

Was that a rofl train?

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I like to say rofl, 'rolf.'

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rickrolled obituary funds lasagna

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rofl. ^

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c-c-c-combo breaker! (again)

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rofl. ^

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rofl^ Roadkill, Only For Luck!! lol idk

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Roflcoptermfaowtfbbq BTw, u should bitch-slap the... bitch

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rofl ^

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rofl ^

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lol. that's messed up.

that's awesome. but yeah lucky you didn't get a kicking!!

I guess she will be walking home

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Exactly what i was thinking.

hahah, I love your sister.

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that was clowning, she got u pretty good, op is prolly a nerd and still let her in the car and took her home and ur parents prolly laughed at u too, then u went to ur room and watched AS A FISH EATS A BEAR???

do20ss 4

yea I called to say get a life

hahah priceless.

@Fisheatsbear You were first because you didn't actually comment. You being first will have some value at least when your comments are actual viewpoints or opinions related to the FML.

shhhh. and think about this: fish eating a bear

piranha? >.>

thats one hungry fishhh....