By Will this stupid fad ever end? - 06/03/2013 11:51 - United States

Today, instead of actually teaching us something, our college professor excitedly showed us the godawful Harlem Shake video he made with his friends. FML
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you are what is wrong with this world...

TwoOneFive 11

Harlem shake is annoying as shit


Why are you complaining? I'd prefer that over learning

you are what is wrong with this world...

You are why this generation is a disgrace. FEEL THE BURDEN ON YOUR SHOULDERS. IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT.

You will learn, and you'll like it, goddamnit! The last thing we need is another dumbass on earth.

Unless they let you into college for free where you're from, it's probably that considering tuition, they just paid a lot of money watching something try could've for free on the Internet.

47 is right. I would complain to his boss about this. I don't pay to see people's terrible viral videos.

chrisp87 11

Are you joking bro? This is the reason why over half on the generation is brain dead. Doing the Harlem shake doesn't help matters much. You probably should go slap yourself for even making that statement.

Alas, the future of America right here...

XDsmileyDX_fml 24

Don't mean to offend, but I can't take what you're saying seriously when your profile picture is you flipping off the camera...

true! next time make and show him your gangnam style video)

CheeseTron 15

!looc gnikcuf s'tahT By writing this backwards, I'm stating that; no its ******* not.

that really wasn't necessary. but yeah, the Harlem Shake is dumb as shit

Geekyandproud 19

It's a piece of shit... It's boring and franking getting old already! JUST STAHP!

The only good one is with Freddiew when he beats up someone for trying it. It's called "Friend's don't let friend's Harlem Shake" or something.

It's the same thing as gangnam style. People are still finding out about it even when it's been out forever.

Whenever I watch any Harlem Shake video, my face shows less expression than Kristen Stewart.

Honestly, its just a thirty second video...

So, is it safe to assume you've never gone to college then?

When you have a job and your boss wastes your time, you can't demand compensation. Have some patience, man!

TwoOneFive 11

Harlem shake is annoying as shit

perdix 29

#5, Luckily, it's only thirty seconds. Most Americans are trained to ignore drivel in 30-second chunks.

On the fml app, there's an ad for the song RiGHT below the Fml. Well played fml. Well played.

TwoOneFive 11

It may be only 30 seconds but during those thirty seconds all you see is a bunch of white guys acting like squirrels on crack

Harlem shake is hilarious. Incoming dislikes. **** the haters!!

The cat with the turtle bin in the yacht

I find these dances insensitive to people with Parkinson's.

You should showed him the cyanide and happiness Harlem shake video

perdix 29

What are you talking about? He totally schooled you! Kinda makes you nostalgic for Gangnam Style, dudn't it?