By Anonymous - United States - Phoenix
Today, I was waiting in line for what seemed like forever at the only open lane at the grocery store. The guy in front of me took his sweet time and had multiple cards rejected, before finally pulling out a $100 bill and demanding exact change. He was buying a carton of milk. FML
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  spekledworf  |  18

My worst experience was when I was behind this monsterous woman who yelled at the bagger for not asking if she wanted paper or plastic and demaned that all her shit would be taken out of the plastic bags to be put in a paper bag. When the poor guy finally switched all her groceries from plastic to paper she asked him to rebag them into plastic bags so she could carry them. Then she presented the cashier with a coupon after everything was scanned. When she was told it was too late to scan it the woman stormed off, leaving all her shit behind. The nerve of some people...Sorry for the book, guys :]