By Broke - 04/12/2013 08:27 - United States - The Colony

Today, I went to an ATM to see how much money I had in my account. I put the card in. It never gave it back. FML
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Call the number on the machine dude! They all have a sticker with takes like an hour for someone to arrive. I do have to say though, if you're "broke" (as mentioned in the name) because it ate your card, then maybe it's a sign that you shouldn't take money out so much...

ATM's need to eat too! Sometimes its rough for them, with people always taking their money and never giving it back... :(


Ouch, man.

Lesson learned. It will eat valuable items if you don't feed it.

1, what, is it still 2009? We haven't needed "ouch" as every first comment since then, and we still don't.

Same thing happened to me recently, I just called the bank and I got a new card in a few days. Problem solved.

WHO are we?

JMichael 25

37- the ATMEDCG (ATM eats debit cards guild)

Oh,Damn machine ,give my card back !!!

It's op's though, not yours.

Mine mine mine

My precious

46-It belongs to the ATM now.

incoherentrmblr 21

In Russia, ATM eats you...

You people are to literal, damn calm down.

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:(( call the bank..

Better yet, go to your local branch. They will print a new card on the spot.

I wouldn't take my eyes off the machine for a while and possibly call the police, just in case. What happened to the OP could potentially be a case of a new version of theft that's been happening over the last few years: The criminals first prepare a cardreader and a codereader, put those on top of the ATM's own setup, so that those not familiar with it will be tricked. It then reads what password you enter, saves it, but doesn't give back your card. While you go away and try to get someone to fix it, the criminal will quickly come, swipe the card and the tools, then use the data he gathered to withdraw as much money as possible from a different nearby machine. Best defense against this is actually to always use the same ATM or, if you can't use that one, to make sure that all parts on the ATM are secured and can't be taken off. And if the ATM were to keep your card, call your bank and don't let it ouf of sight.

I can just picture someone taking that advice and kicking the shit out of an ATM machine and getting arrested for it. And the legal defense? "THE PART CAME OFF IT'S A SCAM THE INTERNET TOLD ME SO!"

Call the number on the machine dude! They all have a sticker with takes like an hour for someone to arrive. I do have to say though, if you're "broke" (as mentioned in the name) because it ate your card, then maybe it's a sign that you shouldn't take money out so much...

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clearly he/she is "broke" because of the fact that the machine ate his/her cars so now he can not use or take out money that he/she would need.

Clearly my comment is in reference to the fact that since OP will not be away from his/her card for very long, there is no other reason to be "broke" unless OP relies on the card every second.

22, I would love to see a machine start eating cars.

#22 The ATM's don't take your card because you're broke. Only if it's been reported stolen or their has been any hold on the account.

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How often you use your card has nothing to with the machine not giving it back. your account could be in the negatives and you will still have your card.

Whenever I use an atm, it's a put it in and quickly remove it scenario. There's no inserting the card for it to read then pushing it out. Maybe just where I live, but I didn't think banks had done this sort of thing for 7 or 8 years now.

SexiChula91 3

when did I ever say that that was the reason the OP got their card taken. I basically said that it doesn't mean he is broke, as in has no money. but that he most likely meant broke as in he is now unable to use his card, until he is sent a new one obviously. and to the original commenter, there are still quite a few people who do not carry cash and their bank card is their only use of currency.

I meant to thumbs up and hit the wrong one!! Sorry!

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Seriously annoying bit it can be fixed up. go into your bank asap.

Harsh way of saying you are broke

Wizardo 33

So broke you owed the system. But seriously just tell the bank to give you a new card.

TheDrifter 23


Go breaking bad on the ATM. Steal it and try to break it with a hammer, end up dropping it on your dick husband's head.

the fuck is wrong with you

Ali_Br_fml 33

#21, That's what a homeless junkie woman in one of the episodes of Breaking Bad did when she was trying to break into the ATM she & her husband (or boyfriend) stole. (I'm guessing #8 really loves Breaking Bad because of the username they chose, so odds are many of their comments will reference Breaking Bad)

#8 needs to get laid

No, #8 needs to meet new people, or try

#8 It worked though. Fat stacks of cheddar! All y'all need to quit hating on BB. Watch it. It's a great show. I understand the first season and 1/2 is kind of eh, but that's just the introduction to the greatness! I'm thoroughly addicted.

#30 So watching breaking bad implies that one doesn't get laid? I got laid plenty while watching breaking bad.


Ate the card. Must have been a hungry machine.

Look up on your smartphone how to contact your bank and call them immediately. They know what to do.

Or you know, call the number on the ATM...