By HealthKicked - 28/01/2022 23:01

Today, it was my first day alone with the kids since my separation. Knowing how my ex is a health nut, I made a super healthy dinner for the kids. When she collected them afterwards, she said that if I had cooked like that when we were together, she wouldn’t have fucked Angus. Who the hell is Angus? FML
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I mean, at least you're not together anymore?

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Arby's commercial voice: "He has the MEAT"

Probably he’s the cow that she saved from ending up in your grocery store’s frozen section.

Nonsense, cheaters are going to cheat best case maybe you can delay it, but eventually that was always going to happen.

She sounds like a real winner. Don't let her get in your head with that bullshit, she's just trying to get to you. Keep being a great dad and keep up the great work - a wonderful person will come into your life soon!