By traumatized - United States
Today, I was at the mall with some friends. In the food court we passed by this creepy pervert feeling up a woman. I take a closer look and realize with horror that the guy is my dad in sunglasses and a hat. The lady he was with was not my mom. FML
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By  gingermonster16  |  0

You should have been like "Want me to call mom to assist you fondling that chick's other boob?"

Just to make him piss his pants.

Then you should negotiate, and nark him out. Who was a perv-dad living in their house?

  fmlforever_2  |  0

#5 lol u should have called ur mom and been like hey weres dad?????? well u want to come to the mall there is a big surprise waiting for u! lol just to mess with ur dad either that or BLACK MAIL!!!!!