By strawberry - 17/11/2015 17:51 - United States - Colorado Springs

Today, I went to see a movie with a seemingly nice guy after a friend set us up. As soon as the movie started, he unzipped his pants and told me to, "Get to it". FML
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I would have laughed and promptly moved to another seat!

TAntobella 14

Wow. Fire your friend..


I would have laughed and promptly moved to another seat!

SalenaCrosse 16

Your name matches your comment perfectly XD awesome

psychopolarbear 28

I would have pretended to look really hard at his crotch, laugh, and then tell him I couldn't find what he wanted me to work on. After that, go somewhere else or leave the theatre.

I guess you could say that the movie blew?

Nah he just wanted her to lend him a helping hand.

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Nah your comment just sucked.

I made your comment visible just so that i could downvote it.

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She couldn't find it, apparently

Oooooooohhhhhhhhhh snap

Maybe this guy just didn't quite get that "take me on a date first" didn't mean we'll be at it in the theater... hahaha.

TAntobella 14

Wow. Fire your friend..

Sometimes you just don't know. I've had a similar situation happen and now my friend and I hate/ make fun of the guy together

Lol this needs a follow up. I wonder how she reacted.

Probably got right to the door.

Why would you set up your friend with someone you don't know?

I freaked out and told him that I had to go to the bathroom and I didn't come back. Later I told my friend about it and we just laughed. No second date.

So a second date is out of the question?

I would've starting laughing and said " get to what"?

Or "I don't see anything"

No one can beat this comment

haha he said "beat"

I love when there's only a few comments in the beginning and you get to play God with who gets the top comments

At least you know not to trust your friends with guys anymore

ThePandoricaOpen 18

Well, the friend may not have known.

If I had the guts, I'd have 'got to it' with my mouth, and give him the toothiest ******* he'll ever receive

What if he didn't wash? What if he had massive warts all over it that would've popped in your mouth? (I'm making myself feel sick here). Don't put strange objects in your mouth, especially when you can't see them! Oh and it's in public and you just met this guy etc.

I think #10 was employing hyperbole to say that there should be repercussions for being a douche.

Wow. Somebody that actually understands English. Kudos.