Today, I went to my Homecoming dance. I had a great time until some fat girl kept trying to dance with my date, even though he politely asked her to stop. I decided to intervene. I found myself pinned to the floor by a fat girl crushing on my date, who was cheering her on as she tackled me. FML
By Anonymous / Sunday 4 October 2009 04:06 / United States
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  MimiKnox  |  0

it's icky to be sat on by a heavyweight......have you no sympathy?

i can't imagine how it feels to be pinned down by fatty butts, but i've been crushed by a heavy muscly guy when we were play-wristling...

  Allornone  |  35

Well, I can't say for sure, but I imagine OP wants us to click on "Your life sucks" and then make some interesting and/or funny comments relating to their plight, just like any other FML.

  vintagerose  |  0

i can see where #4 is coming from. the point is another chick tried to steal her date. doesn't matter if that chick was fat or skinny. i think the OP reiterated that the other chick was fat too many times.

and THAT"S WHY she sounds like a bitch.

but yeah. i'd be pissed too if someone was trying to steal my date too! lol

  xanth  |  0

Who says she was trying to steal her date? They were at a "dance" and and she wanted to dance with him. He should have been polite and just gave her a dance. And who knows what she said when she "intervened", maybe she was a total bitch and deserved to be sat on.

  americayay  |  0

Eh. It's bitchy to refer to her as the "fat girl" 8 times. Odds are, when she intervened, those words were involved, so YDI OP. You were at a dance. People tend to dance at those things.

Anyone else thinking that she's probably an unpleasant person if her homecoming date wants to see her get her ass kicked?


He shouldn't have to dance with the other girl if he doesn't want to, #62. He politely refused a few times, and "the other girl" should have gotten the hint. At that point, the date has every right to intervene. . . even be rude. She is being rude by continuing to bother the two people who actually went together.

  Flutist  |  3

Who SITS on people? i don't care what the deal was, who cares who was rude or not. The fat girl/chubby girl didn't have a date, she had the right to ask someone to dance. But she didn't have the right to get mad at the girl who the boy actually asked to the dance. Yea sucks to be solo, but you can bring a big group of friends and dance together. Op had the right to "stake her claim" and the right not to be embarrassed like that. But who knows what she said? She might have called the girl fat and made such a big stink her date was happy she shut up.


Thing is, if she didn't mention fat, no one would be able to sympathize with the pain of her sitting on her, lets get a fat chick and make her sit on you...well unless you would like that

By  Dr_Know  |  0

This sounds so fake. I highly doubt any girl, fat or otherwise, would start a fight with you - especially at homecoming and especially if you don't even know her.

  Dr_Know  |  0

That's so weird...I wouldn't know about over in America. But here in Oz we have formals (same idea) and everyone is on their best behaviour - No one would start a fight AT the formal. Maybe the after party, hmmmmm

  Flutist  |  3

Well I have cousins from Oz. Can't take them anywhere. Houses fall on people, your shoes get stolen, and the bitch with the little dog always has like four dates. I might have wanted to help the Tin Man get his heart. But NO, that whore dorothy has to hop her way down the yellow brick road and steal him.