By Anonymous - 04/10/2009 02:56 - United States

Today, I was trying on dresses in a stall that requires an employee of the store to have a key to open. After I took off one dress to go to another, an employee quickly opens my door, to give the stall to someone else. The entire store could see me in my granny panties and bra. FML
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MissNat_fml 0

and how the hell does she deserve it ? it was the employees fault for opening the door....

see, really it was all part of the store's master plan. they knew they had you hooked on the dress, but they wanted to squeeze every last penny out of you by making you buy some new underwear too :-P they just had to find a way to make you ashamed of your panties... :-P


keetlover 0

who give a fucck if your 1st.. look I am third in the list BIATCH!! and ya op I love granny panties SO COMFY!! lol embarrising every one say

Randen_fml 0

Get that failure employee fired.

Idiot, it's a app who the **** cares? get a life

tyop_fml 0

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brunettesara5722 17

that was my first thought haha

rmbroad 0

I'm a guy but those seem go take your thongs and go somewhere else, *****

Alice_Cullen7 0

oh that sux! that was so the store employees fault!

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spiffles 0

I agree. You, sir/ma'am, are a logical thinker!

Even if you aren't ashamed of yourself, it's an FML because, you know, some people DON'T like everyone seeing them in their undies. I know I certainly don't, but I do love my body. It's a little something called the value of privacy. Though I agree the whole store probably couldn't see her. Most dressing rooms I've been to are hidden from whole-store view, even a few mall ones. Still, that dumb bitch should knock. You're supposed to knock, or.. well, don't most of them hang something on the handle to show someone's in there already?

lmao #4, sounds like something i would say if i saw that :L

M13LO 0

no no you have it all wrong, the employee just wanted to give you some company

Haha I'm just waiting for someone to call out 'THREESOME!' :P

keetlover 0

you are a fail 72 .. but it's all good! love ya!! c u in bed!

Atleast you wern't nude... THAT would've been embarrising!

liveBabylon 0

Tjis has happend to me..In hot topic the guy opend the door to "t get the shoe he thought some one had left" and I was im a thong.. and a bra. on my way out I heard him talking to people about what he had done

cryssycakesx3 22

so you weren't nude and this didn't happen to you...

TurdMonkey 0

i feel more sorry for the entire store that had to see a pair of wrinkly and saggy granny boobs

Sun_Kissed18 25

She never said she was old, younger people can wear them too. There used to be this girl I saw in the locker room that would wear them. I never understood it because she could have pulled off anything else but hey, whatever floats your boat. :)

Lightz_Camera_Me 0

Granny panties? ppl still wear those lol =)

You really shouldn't borrow your grandma's underwear if your going clothes shopping. I also hope your granny didn't borrow yours and is walking around in a g-string. *vomits*