By screamo - 02/05/2009 20:44 - United Kingdom

Today, my alarm went off at 6.30. I woke up disorientated, as usual. I looked up and saw a dark, mysterious figure entering my room. Still half asleep, I screamed and dived under my covers. The dark, mysterious figure was my mom. I'm a 21 year old guy. FML
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By Anonymous - 03/01/2010 16:35 - United States

Today, I was lying in bed, staring at the ceiling with the lights off. It was 1AM, and I'd just finished watching a scary movie, so I was a little paranoid. I was about to fall asleep, when an eerie light lit the room. I jumped, got tangled in the sheets, and hit my head against the bed frame. Where'd the light come from? Not a space ship. Not someone breaking in. It was my phone. FML
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dang. i wish i had a big, strapping young man like you around my house.

You're one of them manly men, aren't you? Hehe...


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you are a douche. LOVE IT.

dang. i wish i had a big, strapping young man like you around my house.

Don't know why you have so many YDTOs....Sucks for you.

Haven't you guys heard? What? That the bird is the word? Screw grabbing for your pepper spray, dive under your duvet.

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#4 maybe he's living at home while he's going to school. Not everyone can afford college and their own place, it's still perfectly acceptable for him to live at home, especially in todays economy.

Maybe his mom wants him to live at home to look after her... lol That's pretty embarrassing but at least you didn't pee the bed as well.