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Today, I went to an audition for a play. The casting director thanked me for my time, but told me they would pass because I had "the emotional range of a turnip." FML
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Feel honour, how many people get to be compared to a turnip?

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Turnips can be pretty emotional actually.


no one lies a bragged first person. and that sucks

you must really suck to be compared to a turnip...haha turnip is a funny word xD

well op maybe your acting skills are just not up to par. and you can't always expect every casting director to like you. practice your acting more and just keep trying

That man is insane! Turnips are highly emotional.

wow y do ppl even bother putting first it's dumb and btw ppl can c that ur first. also put something that at least had to do with the fml

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18 is right...1 you suck balls and nobofmdy likes you!...I think I speak for all of us when I say i hope you choke on a turnip!....ahh turnip cracks me up everytime I say it lol xD

don't listen to him; he was wrong. you have the emotional range of a teaspoon.

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am I the only one that googled turnip?

Lmao. Then maybe you should try and get some emotions?

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it looks like your holding a cheeseburger in your left cheek lol

2: Your comment makes no sense, even with the self-correction.

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I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought of this :D

you should be more lik a tomato, they have lots of feelings

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THIS COMMENT WAS USELESS and caused by misunderstanding.

ftl who compares people too turnips--EVER?!(:

well, just audition for emotionless psychopath roles in the future...

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hey, it's better than me, I have the emotional range of a carrot.

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Dont feel bad. Not everyone's cut out for the "big time".

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I think this may be posted by Kristen Stewart. Damn indeed xD

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Turnips can be pretty emotional actually.

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Every living thing has feelings, since turnips are plants, they have feelings too!

Feel honour, how many people get to be compared to a turnip?