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well screw them. thanks for serving our country. =D

that sux, still, good job!

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well congradulations fuk em :D

people are idiots. you are awesome : ) thank you!

before I get killed here, I meant good job on being a soldier and making it back alive. I don't like wars, but I do respect soldiers. my older brother is a 1st Lt. serving in Kosovo.

I am from Afghanistan myself and am Muslim and I still think that's extremely rude, although I don't always support your cause I am glad as one human being to another that you are alive.

That's just ignorant.

^^^ Nice story... :] Ha

how dare them...I would myself slaughter anyone who disrespected a united states soldier, my brother is in Iraq and idk what I would do if somebody booed him when he came home...that's really outrageous and disgusting those people hare America!...God bless you soldier, and thank you for your service.

I don't really give a rat's ass about military stuff, but even I wouldn't be that disrespectful.

I agree that that's absolutely disgusting and uncalled for & that troops should be honored, but they only hate America because of the war. the war that has killed millions of innocent civilians in third world countries and put the nation into debt. I'd never blame the soldiers..but our nations leaders..well that's another story

When my husband came in for r and r, they screened all people going to meet the soldiers at the gaye so an incident like this wouldn't happen. When they came home, they came directly to the post. I am so sorry that you men and women got such a disrespectful home coming greeting. Welcome home soldier.

thankyou for serving our country

I know what you mean #6 I'm anti-war but pro-military too

I hate how disrespectful citizens are to their soldiers. it's not like the soldiers did anything. if you want to blame someone, blame the government. FYL, op. the fact that you were treated that way sickens me.

Oh come on - that didn't happen. It's just another right-wing sob story, just like the claim that the troops coming home from Vietnam were spit at. It was a lie then and it is a lie now.

It's called: Go insane due to "psychological issues" and open up on the bastards.

#66- You are an idiot. Returning soldiers from both the Vietnam and Korean wars were treated horribly upon arrival. It's ignorant people like you who cause these facts to be seen as "rumors" to all those who are too lazy to research the facts. Who are you to say that this awful thing didn't happen to this and many others? Don't spread that crap around here.

meh theyre just stupid americans who dont respect who is doing something they will never have the balls to do, thank you for doing what you do, im not american but i still respect people like you

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Well done soldier I'm not American I'm Australian and we also have many men an women in Afghanistan and the people that did that to you are disrespectful pieces of shit I support you guys keep up the good work :]

139 - Anyone who fights for their country and their family is a hero. Just because we don't agree with the government's reasons doesn't mean we don't need noble men and women to help protect us. These people know there are unsupportive citizens at home but they continue to risk their lives for them. We need these people; without we would no longer enjoy the luxury of freedom. War is unnecessary but soldiers are needed.

#139 that doesn't mean you shouldn't respect a man or women who puts there life at risk for there country. there doing things that not everyone can. are you putting your ass on the line everyday. I think respect should be given to those that diserve it. but I understand what your saying. I mean you don't respect the worrier because you don't believe in the cause. well you have to respect your enemy as much as your friend.

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my older bro is a marine who got hit by an iRD in Afghan

you should respect those fighting for what they believe in? So you respect those that are against us in the war, they fight for what they believe in. And an army is most definitely not necessary, Iceland has had no standing army since 1869, and although the us claims they will defend them, this has never been necessary. Costa Rica has formally abolished military forces, they're both doing just fine

yes I don't respect the warrior because I don't respect the cause! blindly following what is essentially a cult, as the taliban does, deserves no respect!

Totally agree my family are marines and I'd be ready to fuck someone up if they were to ever dishonor my brother for fighting for ALL of us!!! fucking assholes!!!

182, your family just kills people. Are you going to 'fuck me up'?

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190, you should stop while you're ahead.

hey, sorry to hear that. I'm in the marine corps and have done a tour in afghan. for those that think that this is a sob story, you'll be sadly mistaken. there are very liberal people that hate what we do, and will go to the lengths of coming to a homecoming just to boo us. the men and women who risk their lives everyday for your and my freedom don't ask for war, we are just the only ones with the guts to go fight it.

66, if I had not seen the disrespect soldiers get first hand, I might agree with you. however, seeing as how I have, I'd believe it all. and I absolutely hate it

agree with 168 and a little bit with 139. also, there's a difference between support and respect, just saying.

#190, do you have some sort of mental handicap that prevents you from forming coherent sentences?

190, my family is fighting for your 'freedom' as well. I'm not In a cage nor am I tied up. I'm free, I can leave this country if I want to. You do understand you just told a girl to go get fucked in the arse? You, sir, have no respect. Let's hope your family isn't out there shoving sticks up womans arse because they please to do so. Let's hope they have more respect since they're fighting for my 'freedom'.

@twilightcrazy28, as if your name doesn't already invalidate your argument, you prove my point exactly. You're commending that an innocent should be killed, just because they happen to have different views to yourself. That kind of reminds of Hitler actually.

I dont support the war either but I respect the Soldiers fighting in it...I'm sorry for the AHoles that did that to you guys

66 you are an idiot. soldiers still get spit on. my best friend is in the army and was in Iraq and when he came home he was spit at. was there. saw it happen. how about you shut it on things you know nothing about and not try to make it into something political

I'm mad you guys are actually arguing with someone who has "twilight" in their name. also, I love "arse"... the word, I mean lol

tjmitchell how about you walk over to the nearest radical on the otherside of this war and tell them that you think wars and armies are unnecessary and see what they do. I won't be the only one to see the video of you with a bag on your head. ideals are great and I wish everyone would follow them and if they did then yeah armies would be unnecessary but at the moment I'm glad to serve our country in the future to protect people like you with your ideals about how the world would work if it was a perfect one

219, I'm mad at myself as well. Bloody arse. :P

well screw them. thanks for serving our country. =D

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shoot them then get the towel heads next but seriously it was prob fat asses to lazy to protect us

Well your username is Ella so you have no imagination kthxbai. Anyway it is serving the US because of he is fighting for them, for freedom. victoryface.jpeg

I hate when people say "kthanxbai" What the hell is "bai"? Also, were you trying to insult her by bashing her username? Talk about not having an imagination.

towel heads? it's ignorant people like you that make me question your mental capacity.

Ella how about you shut the eff up!!! you don't know first hand what it's like to be in the military or have family over there so why don't you go and wonder to the nearest freeway and stand in the middle of traffic. *THANK YOU FOR SERVING!!

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You're the most stupidest person in the world read up on it then bash if you have no facts then STFU!!!

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Ella, the military goes to other countries not only to protect the us but to protect OTHER nations. Regardless of whether you support the current cause or not, support the troops because they will be the ones taking gunfire for you when something does come to US ground.

:) it sucks to feel "OMG!! they are going to send him on his third round" *:heart sinks low:*

I'm with Ella here. There is no excuses for war. They tell kids 'Fighting is never the answer' but when they become teens it's like 'Join the Army!'. Then all the idiotic slogans that they have; it's all bullshit. You're not helping your country, your ruining someone else's country. America doesn't experience the full impact of war firsthand. I mean, yes they've experienced the loss of families members and so on. But, they didn't see their country go down in flames, buildings go down, family members dying just because they happened to be there. I respect the soldiers who go and do so but the you helped your country stuff is bullshit. My father is a lieutenant and he thinks the same I do.

America, the world police force.

Thanks amazinggbaby. Now it makes sense. US is kinda like risking it's life for the sake of others? Yeah, I'm outa the loop, but those are pretty brave soldiers, and I don't mean to disrespect them. I'm sure they served well. Cruz, why would I stand in the freeway traffic?? Uhm... isn't that dangerous for the cars?

Precious, I'm inclined to disagree with you. The United States has suffered great losses. We are a strong country and we tend to get shunned a lot because of it. I am not going to comment on whether or not the war is right, because I'm not in the military, nor am I part of our U.S Government. I do know that I support my troops, because they are doing what they feel is right. We lose a lot of men and women to the war and it's sad, but it is the risk that they take. I don't feel any person in this thread is qualified to say their opinion is fact. None of us know why this is happening, what's going to happen or what has happened already. The sad truth is that war is going to be around, whether we like it or not. War does a lot of bad, but can do a lot of good. One thing I do know is that I respect my country enough to trust their judgments. This argument will go nowhere.

Well then you're dad isn't the sharpest tool in the shed now is he. Let me tell you why their countries go up in flames; there is basically a war between the country and they have people who don't give a shit and wrap bombs to their chest walk into a building mind you a U.S soldier is not the one strapped. Gun shots are only fired when they get shot at. durr you're dad should go back to basic training!!

I don't agree with all war but I support the troops and I find that the fact that they should be supported most think they are defending te country. The fact that the united states haven't been through buildings burning and all that is because they are a whole ocean apart from where most wars go on. That's just where they get lucky because it isn't as easy to attack the us. And one question, if your father feels that way why did he join?

The soldiers fight in other countries so we don't have to fight in our country. Makes a lot of sense if you ask me.

Cruzz, you are clearly not very educated.

Cruz I support the troops but you seem to blindly follow the cause, because people going into buildings with bombs strapped to their bodies isn't the only reason for burning buildings. and the nobody from afganistan was shooting at the us first.

Sorry Ella I was angry lol don't run to the free way :)

Ella, soldiers fight for their country, no matter what the war is they fight to protect their country, it is up to the government to decide who is endangering the country, and so even if the war is pointless, the soldiers still fight for their country, soldiers do fantastic jobs wherever they go, so do not blame the soldiers, blame the government if the war is wrong...

Aria, you keep mentioning the troops. I'm agreeing with you on that part. Yes, America has lost a lot of lives and the country as a whole has suffered. But look at their country and look at yours. Kids and families were lost over there, just for being a part of that country. 81, are you idiotic? I said I support the troops. I don't support war and the way ANY (not just the US) government approaches the subject of war to teens. You keep mentioning the troops. I'm proud of the troops for doing what they are doing. Saying that about my father is like boo-ing those soldiers. Think about what you say. He's 'served his country' many times, even though he disagrees.

ugh whatever I'm sleepy so just say whatever you want about the U.S troops they are heroes and should be treated by such.

Precious, the first 2 sentences were for you. The rest was me rambling. FYI :]

85, it does make sense for your country. What about their country?

I figured as such, Aria.

anyone who says the U.S. hasnt seen its buildings fall an burn is wrong ex#1 Revolitionary War ex#2 Civil War, anyways would you rather have a 500lb bomb/other explosive projectile fall through your roof? i didnt think so, we are fighting to keep wars off U.S. soil

117, I was referring to this war. I don't live in America. I keep hearing your country, but no one has once considered their country. Think about it. You're saying you wouldn't like to be bombed.. well, do they?

I have to say I agree with everything 125 has said. it what uncle sam really wants.

125 but war was already happening in afganistan, the us was just attempting to help civilians there. But the actual reason for why bush sent troops there is questionable.

Yeah, I understand that. I'm not fighting against any of that. I'm fighting against the fact that people don't seem to care about the other county which is sad. Take operation Cobra's Anger for instance; 1,000 Marines as well as 150 Afghan troops were involved. Is that fair? The US led this attack. The US won. What happened to those 150 troops?

for all you ignorant asses out there who believe that our soldiers are actually fighting to protect our country. let me educate you on the truth of what really happens when they are sent to war to "protect" our country. do you guys honestly believe that they are fighting to get rid of terrorists or tyrants?! hell no! they are sent so they can steal oil and lithium from countries, murder innocent children, rape women, cause civil wars and destroy nations whilst wasting their own tax payers dollars! I've been to Iraq as a delegation, I've seen first hand what "good" they have done! it's disgusting! they claim that they helped the people by removing saddam, but all the iraqis I have spoken to claim that they much rather live under a dictator than to live with what the Americans have caused! iraqis never had a single case of aids or hiv till we invaded and raped their women! I was ashamed to call myself American!

FFML_314 - You suck at arguing with facts, all you've been doing is preaching opinions on how "the good ol' US of A" is amazing and great and prosperous. Thats bullshit, we're full of corruption and shitty racist white men who treat the common people like rodents. You need to read more, ask more questions, study up. We are ass, I would love to live in any country in Europe and thats truth. I'm a fifteen year old white kid from Philly and I realize this - please stop giving our country a pat on the back, it deserves a kick in the balls. And if we ever get invaded, I'm taking a raft "Cuban Style" to South America.

You clearly did not read a single thing I said.

i once fought in afghanistan too,,i commited suicide tough by nuking everyone tough. Even that noob tuber who kept noob tubing the shit out of everyone.

169, Are you idiotic? Did you read her comment? Re-read it before commenting. She practically said she had no room to speak seeing as how she isn't in the army. Yes, she did mention that the US is a great country and it has suffered in war. Which is true.

I believe I did, but it was just a bunch of opinions, I respect our military but they're there doing more harm than good. We could've settled it peacefully - 9/11 was planned by the Bush Administration to gave an excuse to go to Iraq to harvest fueling resources but I'm not getting started. But just like premature ejaculation.. it's a little too late to pull out eh? Anyway, I apologize greatly for coming off like an asshole, I'm just tired - no offense, night.

Yo....oh forget it. You're 15 and I'm not about to argue with a child.

my father served two tours. he fought so that this stupid bitch(ella) can slander him and what he does. freedom means more to those who fight for it. join the war come back and let's see if your opinion changes

BigDaddyCain, why don't you leave now, and don't let the door hit you on you ass on the way out?

typical americians...

Stupid racist asshole.

Don't get me wrong... but americans are the most ignorant people... Not all, but most

Typical Canadian.

American isn't a race, moron.

Please tell me. You think booing your fellow american soldiers is being a " true american..." go look up highway of heros. KTHXBAI

What the hell are you talking about? Never mind, go eat some bacon with maple syrup.

"K" "thx" and "bai" ARE NOT WORDS. Freeze, I said goodnight!

Highway of heros, it's what we Canadians do when we lose a soldier in that war.

Cool story, bro. I never said anything about being a "true American" and I don't give a shit about some irrelevant crap you threw in there. Are you deranged? I think you mean "heroes."

America sucks, bacon with syrup is really tasty by the way dickhead. Study up on why America sucks - you have a computer. (I'm sadly.. American. From Philly.)

Thank you for serving our country! Don't let people like that get you down. There are way more of us who are proud, honored and grateful!

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I agree with number 8

thats awful! people can be so ignorant sometimes. i want to thank you for your service to our country and its wonderful that you made it home safe :)

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That's appalling! I am proud of the men and women who serve our country. The people that booed you are uneducated neandrathals!

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If you can't stand behind the men that serve, stand in front of them