By Gomer - 11/04/2014 14:51 - United States - New York

Today, I went to a veterans' reunion party with my grandpa. While there, a guy started yelling at me for having an unapproved haircut. It was my grandpa's old drill sergeant, and he thought I was in the army too. Everyone just smirked as he forced me to drop and do push-ups. FML
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Now you have a new respect for your grandpa and those who serve(d) in the military.


OPs not too bright if you ask me......

Yeah, I would've politely told him to buzz off.

Can't tell if thats a pun intended or not, XD #47

"Take your lumps like a man, private twinkle toes!"

LostInTheZone11 29

Now you have a new respect for your grandpa and those who serve(d) in the military.

Indianboy9321 25

It's like the episode of Family Guy, where Peter falls off a tree and get his lip pulled back over his head and behind his ears to experience the pain of childbirth. Now that you have endured their pain, "the healing can begin."

Wow 44. You actually found an applicable family guy moment to something real in comparison.

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And there was nothing to stop you from doing push-ups for him? I would have flat out refused a ridiculous request like that.

Ah the circus ponies, still prevalent in the military today. (All Quiet reference btw)

Yeah, you could have refused. You aren't actually in the military so that guy had no power over you. Stand up for yourself next time.

You speaking from past experiences?? WHAT CAN HE DO FOR YOU REFUSING....?? NOT A DAMN THING son, everyone has a choice always remember that an maybe youll learn something someday

Have you ever told an elderly veteran no to something around his peers?

You mean he would've shouted louder? The old sergeant needs to realize he isn't in the army any more.

Could have but from my point of view OP showed some respect that never had to be shown. Besides one thing about the old vets is that not all of them are totally right in the head from PTSD, age or something. In the case of one of my own family members it meds that affect them. We don't know what is going through these peoples heads sometimes so I often find it better to comply.

I have no idea why they downvoted this?

I just had a Full Metal Jacket flashback...ah! Memories!

Maybe you should've just laughed and told him you weren't in the army. Good fml tho:D

Laughing would be a big sign of disrespect and would have ended badly.

How would that have been disrespectful? Does, "Haha, sorry, I'm not in the army" sound disrespectful?

This is the ARMY !!!!! There are no DIs in the army.......they are DRILL SERGEANTS in the ARMY and DRILL INSTRUCTORS are in the MARINES.......some people I tell ya, some people!!! Oh and you would know that if you had any sense of the military at all.....

All the capital letters makes me feel like you were over excited and yelling. He was just making a joke, but thanks for the informational bits.

Honestly, I have a decent sense of the military but didn't know that. I greatly appreciate those who serve, but it isn't for me, so I'm not going to find extensive details like that. That being said, I do know some. But just because someone doesn't know something does not mean they aren't intelligent or anything.

"bullshit! Get on your knees scumbag! now choke yourself." thought that fit your FML's name perfectly

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