By Danners88 - 11/11/2009 04:36 - Australia

Today, I was at a Remembrance Day service when an old widow told me I had my "grandad's" medals on the wrong side of my coat. I told her that I was an Afghanistan veteran and that they were mine. She then berated me in front of the WHOLE service for "lying". FML
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Horde 8

Give the bitch a hand grenade to play with

disrespectful bitch. My cousin served in Afghanistan for the Canadian Army. Today we remember all who have fought & died in their country's honour. may they rest in peace. and I hope that lady get's what she deserves. HOORAH!


Horde 8

Give the bitch a hand grenade to play with

FYL, #49/50, for being disrespectful to a veteran of any nation. OP, thank you for serving your country. :) I'm sorry that an ignorant/senile/rude old woman did something like that to you. You should be proud of what you have done, and I hope this experience doesn't mar it for you.

Do any of you even know what the Taleban do? Every year hundreds of woman cover themselves in petrol and set alight to it, trying to kill themselves, as it is the only way to escape from the arrange marriages forced on them by the people we are fighting against. This may not be the entire reason we started the war, but it is definitely why we should continue it. Every soldier who dies valiantly in combat will save the lives of thousands of men, woman and children who choose not to follow every single word in the K'oran. And anyway, the Afghan war is way more justified than the Falklands war, and you never hear people insulting that one, do you? (doesn't apply to non-Brits)

You speak for humanity? Then speak out and denounce evils that are done, not specifically insulting the people who go to stop it. I am not naive, I am sure that cruelties have been committed by soldiers on all sides- American, Canadian, British, Australian, Taliban alike, and the others who flock to the banner of ANY war. What gives you the right to speak out and denounce one side before any others and claim you are speaking for humanity? Our soldiers are fighting a greater evil. They are fighting a self-inflicted genocide, by a regime that is headed by crueler, bloodthirstier men than our Presidents or Prime Ministers. They are fighting dictators who have no check-and-balance system, who drive some of their own women to suicide and tell their children to strap themselves with bombs. How dare you claim to speak for humanity?

more justifiable than the falklands war, you are joking arent you??? the falklands war was fought by the british to protect a british land, with british people living there, who didnt want to be argentinian, but british, and the afghan war is being fought to prevent terrorism and to protect western nations against extremist faggots, and to make life better for the locals in afghanistan, but the falklands war was much more important than the war in afghanistan will ever be, for a start the taliban arent even a uniformed armed forces, so the western countries will never win as the rules of engagement forbid us from descending to the talibans level.

The OP isn't saying that we should all respect him for being an Afghan war veteran. But it's standard practice to wear your medals at a military service of any kind and he's saying f his life because the old woman started yelling at him and calling him a liar during

But the REAL question is: Was he actually lying?

he was DOING his JOB. I don't recall any soldiers approaching their political leaders and saying "oh, btw, could we go to war in Afghanistan plz?"

Actually....In Canada, our forces in Afghanistan are made up of militia, to the tune of 20 to 30% in each and every Roto. These part time soldiers do everything from being in infantry sections, quick reaction force, provincial reconstruction teams, to police mentoring. Not only are they all volunteers to wear a uniform, but each and every one of them has volunteered for Afghanistan. Militia cannot be ordered to war, they must volunteer. They do not have to go, but they do, in droves. Im not sure of the casualty rates for militia, but several dozen have been killed or wounded. So...yeah, they actually DID say: Send me to Afghanistan...please!

Do you even know what the TALIBAN is? You're an idiot if you think the 'Taliban' and 'Islam' are the same thing. Illiterate warmonger.

Shuinoshina 0

Agreed. Old bitch needs what's coming to her.

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(Directed at #56) I'm confused as to how you're relating the Taliban to marital affairs in other nations. And are you referring to the ancient practice in which women by choice set themselves alight on their husband's funeral pyre? Because I hardly see why we should wage a war over cultural differences. Although I would believe you if you were referring to a small number who are forced to do this, it's not some pandemic. that being said, thank you for the service you've done for America. Although I may not support the war itself, I still believe that you and all the other soldiers overseas today are American Heroes.

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horde sux and pallys can kiss

#56, I'm sorry but what do you mean by: "---who choose not to follow every single word in the K'oran." ? English is not my native language, so if I've misinterpreted your post, please correct me. I've read the K'oran and I assure you, with all due respect, it does not tell anyone to go and harm others. I'm 15 years old, so I don't exactly know a lot about politics, but anyone who says that Islam and the K'oran or any other religion speaks of spreading destruction, harm and horror are either twisted, biased or very, VERY confused. And please keep in mind that a lot of groups use religion (any religion) as an excuse to go around and cause mayhem while they really are not believers (or very confused ones). I REALLY respect your opinion, and everyone else's, and I mean you no disrespect, but please don't drag any religion into this, it's hurtful and it really weakens any point you're trying to prove. OP, war veterans and soldiers deserve respect for their decision to risk their lives every single day they're on duty (One reason among countless). Ignore the mad woman and walk with honor and pride.

stedfastwolf 11

no it is still important as a war and it is justifiable because we do not want another 9/11 do we!!???

there aren't enough ways to say thank you :). don't worry about it bro.

Girreth 7

56, why are you assuming everyone in Afghan are Muslim? Also, war makes no goddamn sense anyways. We go to war under the impression that it's helping people and saving lives. Isn't that ironic? War is caused by the mindset that "what we think is correct, and if you don't think what we do, you're wrong." Maybe they have different beliefs, but it doesn't make them WRONG or EVIL.

MiGman 5

why don't you all stop the arguments and pay respect to those who sacrificed themselves for a better world

AnnieSmartie 1

ohk first: SHUT THE FUCK UP AND STOP BEING HATERS! this guy if fighting for us and u all are hating. just shut up and dont comment if your only gonna hate. and second, OP i appriciate what you are doing for our country tht old lady is just crazy. u keep doing you job and know ur in all our hearts.

125: Why would OP be an American hero, if they are an Australian soldier?

npearson5290 4

Just make sure to pull the secondary and primary pins and hand it to her!

You know what I don't mind arranged marriges ok the quran isn't an afghan thing it's part of Islam why do they follow it because it's gods word they are true to there religion so shut up about it ok -the afghan that doesn't like you

I thought women only set themselves in fire at their husbands funeral in India

disrespectful bitch. My cousin served in Afghanistan for the Canadian Army. Today we remember all who have fought & died in their country's honour. may they rest in peace. and I hope that lady get's what she deserves. HOORAH!

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yea if i was there i would put her on a plane and throw her out in afganistan(wrong spelling don't judge) and watch her get shot.

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How very disrespectful of her. Even if she thought you were lying she had no right to accuse you in front of everyone. And at a service? even if you were lying that is not the place to make a scene. shes just as bad as what she was accusing you of doing, upsetting everyone who is trying to pay theri respects at the service

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Mx_Rider 6

lol wow dumb people these days... well, semper fi

i agree and **** that old ass and her closeminded ness i hope she gets capped in her old wrinkly ass witha glock. FUCK!

what the hell ... was she your grandma or what ? ...

The OP is obviously young so the old woman probably assumed the medals belonged to one of his elders, most likely grandfather. I doubt the OP would refer to his grandmother as "an old widow".

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Old people. their always assuming shit.