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Today, I twisted my knee while cutting firewood with my grandpa. The pain was so crippling, I fell over screaming. His response? "Quit your bitching, I had my kneecaps blown off in Vietnam. They had to stitch 'em back on." He's never been to Vietnam, or even out of the country. FML
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that's what the government wants you to think

I doubt one could stitch back on their kneecaps. That's not how legs work.


that's what the government wants you to think

xChaos 29

Is that what happened to #1? Was he asking too many questions?

OP I've had that to me so many times! It's awful. You need to strengthen your knees. I'm sorry though, I feel your pain.

well are you doing any better? that's what matters

I'd prefer an update on this firewood. It won't chop itself.

you either are pretty stupid or didn't understand this fml. Either ways that was a waste of a comment

Twisting your knee hurts like hell though, so it's still a valid concern

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He might be trying to trick you, OP. Just ignore it, and honestly that shit hurts

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I don't know your grandpa's name, I just know the sound he makes when he LIES!!!

Is this a reference to something or are you typing comments while you're drunk?

jimmer23 21

..sigh. It's tropic thunder, and the reference is exactly perfect. Watch a movie sometime.

... Is that a popular movie? Not only have I never seen it, I've never HEARD of it

You should watch that movie. It's hilarious. But I still down voted the comment.

I don't know what it's called.. I just know the sound it makes when it takes a mans life ?

Is he confused? Or just generally pulling you leg haha..

I feel like I kneed to give you a like for that. *slowly backs away*

Sounds like OP's grandpa has been watching to many old episodes of King of the Hill and thinks he is Hanks dad from the show

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Why would your grandpa say he was in Vietnam? Not really something to mess around with.

MikaykayUnicorn 36

Not sure why you are getting downvoted, I find it kind of rude for OP'S grandpa to not only try to degrade OP'S pain with a story of something that never happened, but also say that something horrible that may have happened to someone else happened to him. (minus the "stitching the kneecaps back on" part, that couldn't happen to anyone because I'm preeetty sure it's not possible.)

amileah13 26

I didn't realize that people were downvoting me and I'm confused by it as well. I wouldn't mess with lying about going to war because the people who actually have, will probably be enraged if someone like ops grandfather tried to play it off like that. I know I would be

Maybe he said it because he's old and going a little senile? Either that or op doesn't know that his grandpa went to Vietnam because he's never mentioned it before now. There are lots of grandparents out there that have never talked about their war time before as it's something they'd rather not bring up or think about. It's a possibility at least.

I have a uncle who never talks about it unless he is intoxicated. Nothing fun about talking about picking your friends body parts up back in the day.

I doubt one could stitch back on their kneecaps. That's not how legs work.

That's what the aliens WANT you to think

See I'm not sure if this is the same case but my uncle served in Vietnam but kept it a secret from his entire family. The only reason his sister found out was because my family dropped the ball not knowing that she didn't know. This is 45 years later she found out. His parents never jnew

If that was the case here, why would he casually make a comment like that? If you want to keep it a secret, that's a poor way to do it.

Yes, this is what I just said too. I've heard stories of that happening where the grandpa never mentioned they'd been to war. Often the family found out after he died and they went through all his stuff later on. It's not likely, but it is possible. And by "stitched them back on" he could just mean they fixed them. Either that or he's just getting old and a bit senile.